Pathfinder—Worldscape #3 ( Exclusive)

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Story by Erik Mona
Art by Jonathan Lau

Kyra the cleric has been trapped in the Worldscape for seven days, a compassionate soul surrounded on all sides by liars, murderers, and thieves. When her heroics draw the attention of fellow dimensional fugitive John Carter of Mars, Kyra learns of potential allies who will ensure that she need not fight the darkness alone! Co-starring Red Sonja! The sides are drawn in the great battle between warriors of three worlds in a tale written by Pathfinder publisher Erik Mona (Pathfinder: Hollow Mountain) with art from Jonathan Lau (Red Sonja and Cub). Contains a Pathfinder RPG rules appendix and a bonus pull-out poster map!

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IT´s shipping^^ Second part was just as good as the first.
My only criticism here so far is that for me being an avid reader comics are like a single praline: delicious but only one small portion, so you´re instantly craving the next.

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