Phoenixes — A Field Guide (PFRPG) PDF

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Never leave the tavern without a good guide.

With feathers aflame, the majestic phoenix rises from the ashes, a symbol of hope to the broken, driving fear into the hearts of the wicked.

Phoenixes—A Field Guide is a richly illustrated and comprehensive set of field notes dealing with phoenixes and phoenix ecology. The book includes 7 phoenix subspecies, the phoenix guardian monk archetype and the Order of the Phoenix cavalier order.

Inside this beautiful book you'll find...

The desert phoenix, a huge CR 10 creature able to kick up burning hot dust with its massive wings.

The evil desolation phoenix, a monster at CR 18!

The imperial phoenix, inspired by the Chinese fenghuang and Japanese houou.

Two new flaming feathered familiars, including the shield phoenix.

Plus rules for using phoenix feathers as magical items.

And much more...

Also in this series: Griffins—A Field Guide

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