The Great City: The Elder Wards (PFRPG) PDF

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Welcome to the next great expansion to the already expansive Great City Campaign Setting.  The Elder Wards brings to life five new wards hidden within the Great City each of which lies beyond the reach or influence of the Kortezian government. 

The five new wards include:
The Brute Runs — miles secret mazes once used by the rebel Hardy Brutes to covertly traverse the city

The Imperial Guild of Arcanists and Engineers — vast cellars of that hide beneath the Points and whose guild members engage in all manner of obscene arcane experiments.

Malchort Ruins — the buried remains of an ancient city where lurk the malevolent descendants of the near-human pre-Azindraleans.

The Mooncursers' Ward — secret passages that connect smugglers to Porttown the fabled city of thieves

The Roachkin Warrens — the subterranean hives inhabited by the feral survivalists that the surface folk call the roachkin. 

Each richly detailed Ward provides a history and general overview of its most important places, a close look at a prominent location, a featured encounter that can be run as a mini-adventure, and a collection of associated NPCs. As a bonus, we've topped the book off with an Elder Wards Bestiary containing a dozen new creatures and a new prestige class. 

So go ahead, scratch beneath the surface and breath life into those dark and a secret places that lie hidden within the Great City.

Featuring the talents of:
Tim Hitchcock
John E. Ling, Jr.
Michael O’Day
Savannah Broadway

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5.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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Passionate and well-written if lacking a bit of polish. You do kill turtles.


We give it four throwing knives out of five **but** it receives the coveted shuriken for having an encounter wherein one kills turtles (raising its score). A full video review and in-depth consideration of the work is located here:
--Cool Shredder

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