Pathfinder Battles—Deadly Foes: Giant Eagle

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Featuring friends and foes from the world of Golarion, Deadly Foes introduces 52 unique figures for your Pathfinder Battles miniatures campaign.

Base Size: Large
Rarity: Uncommon

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Average product rating:

4.60/5 (based on 5 ratings)

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The peg is very thin and can break. But the giant eagle looks great.

Very nice.


Very pleasantly done & usable.


Fantastic mini!!! I believe this will be a classic- one of the best of the line. The pose is excellent. The details on the feathers can probably be touched up by those willing to paint and put another wash on it. The eyes were a bit bland upon closer inspection.



Perfect sculpt, pose and paintjob!
You can also use the mini without the peg and put it on it´s claws or glue it onto the base. I may do so with one, as i had 3 in my case.
You can also put a medium or small mini on it´s back as a rider!
The flight height is also high enough to put medium or small minis on it´s base that are attacked by it.

The flight peg has to be inserted both into the base and into the underside of the mini. You have to be careful how to insert it, as both sides fit into the base, but only one fits tightly into the bottom of the Eagle. Do it carefully as to not break it.
Also: the mini can tip over but doesn´t do so super-easily.


Even though not perfect because of the unfixed peg and tip-over danger, this is a 5 star mini!


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