Pathfinder Battles—Deadly Foes: Dwarf Slayer

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Featuring friends and foes from the world of Golarion, Deadly Foes introduces 52 unique figures for your Pathfinder Battles miniatures campaign.

Base Size: Medium
Rarity: Uncommon

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Average product rating:

4.20/5 (based on 5 ratings)

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The dwarf has nice details in the beard and armor. The symbol of Asmodeus on the shield limits the miniature's use unless you simply ignore it, which shouldn't be too hard. I never try to match my PC miniatures with the correct deity when choosing which one I want to use; it would be too limiting.



It looks better in pictures than in hand.

The arms often need regluing.

Perfect for an uncommon!


The face is simple, but good looking, the paintjob has no flaws, the sculpt/pose is dynamic.
This orange-bearded dwarf has all kinds of equipment on him: a golden mace in his right hand, a heavy wooden shield in his left hand, chainmail armor & heavy leather boots, a cloak, shortbow and quiver, a belt with pouch and sword in scabbard.



Great for a PC or NPC in "Hell´s Rebels" or "Hell´s Vengeance".
You can also easily paint over the asmodeus symbol on the shield and replace it with something else.


One of the best minis in the set in my opinion. Really crisp and detailed paint job. I got two and they will see tons of action.


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