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While the frontier town of Varinsoth has known relative peace for decades, its very existence was threatened over 30 years ago thanks to the machinations the demon lord, Azimuth. Nobody knows why he sought to use the seemingly endless hordes that were at his command to destroy the town but the fiend was ultimately vanquished, primarily due to the valiant efforts of the members of a religious order known as the Exemplars of Iolanthe, after which Varinsoth’s citizens found peace once more… until now!

Unfortunately for the people of the town, rumours have recently begun to spread of inhuman creatures stirring in the dead of night around the long-abandoned tower of Stormhaven, which lies to the south. Yet of more immediate concern to Varinsoth’s populace are the concentrated series of attacks that have been perpetrated against the town’s merchant caravans over the past few weeks by the so-called ‘Crimson Hand’, a vile band of marauders who have taken scores of prisoners during the course of their attacks, none of who have been seen or heard from since. The question is; what are the Crimson Hand doing with their captives? And could a far more sinister force be behind their actions?

While Varinsoth’s future looks bleak, a number of its citizens hold dark secrets that could, if uncovered, potentially help to shed some light on the recent troubles which have plagued the town, but sometimes the past is best left buried as such revelations could ultimately cause more harm than good. If only a brave band of outsiders could be found who could view Varinsoth’s troubles through impartial eyes, and make the difficult choices that are needed to aid the people of the town in their time of greatest need. If only. Shades of Angels is an adventure designed for characters of 3rd to 7th level.

Written by David Phillipps

Shades of Angels contains a 73-page Introduction Book and a 190-page Adventure Book, along with numerous maps and player handouts.

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