Weekly Wonders: Eldritch Items (PFRPG) PDF

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Occult Weapons and Weird Science

From dread books with ancient secrets, to obscure cult relics and alien technologies that man was not meant to know, the worlds of the eldritch and the strange contain many unique and powerful magic items. This book contains fifteen new magic items with a focus on eldritch, alien, and Lovecraftian themes, including:

  • The brain box, a strange device that preserves a severed brain and allows its knowledge to be accessed.
  • The cloak of man skin, a cloak made from human skin, which allows creatures of any race to disguise themselves in human guise.
  • The fingerbone of curses, a human fingerbone that fuses to one’s hand and allows the wielder to deliver limitless curses with a touch, but also inflicts bad luck upon its wielder.
  • The tongue of the goat, a writhing, living tongue that can be sewn into the user’s mouth and allows him to speak any language and influence or even slay those who might oppose him.
  • ...and much, much more!

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Great stuff! Just in time for Halloween!

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