Tunse'al Player's Guide (Savage Worlds) PDF

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This is the Tunse'al Player's Guide for Savage Worlds. Your game table needs both a Savage Worlds rules book (SW:EX or SWD) and Tunse'al Setting Guide for Savage Worlds. There is a second version that works with the systemless setting guide for use with whatever system you choose.

The player's guide is excerpted from the full setting guide. It is not required for playing Tunse'al campaigns. However, having a copy means you don't have to wait for the GM to be done with her book for you to look up whatever was on your mind.

This PDF contains a variety of information pertinent to character creation. You'll find Racial Background Edges, new Hindrances specific to Tunse'al, tribal details, an overview of the gods, select information about the lands, a map, and even a blank character sheet.

Please note: Tunse'al Player's Guide is formatted for 6"x9" layout.

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