Tunse'al Quick Starts and Side Tracks (Savage Worlds) PDF

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This is Tunse'al Quick Starts and Side Tracks for Savage Worlds. While it is not a "quick start rules" product, it can be used in a similar fashion if you just want an idea of what Tunse'al is without first buying the Tunse'al Setting Guide. All Tunse'al products are made in a second, systemless version, too.

Tunse'al Quick Starts and Side Tracks is best used with the Tunse'al Setting Guide and an edition of Savage Worlds rules as it's intended as a GM aid.

This PDF contains:

* an encapsulated view of the world
* six Quick Starts scenarios to help you get quickly started in creating your own Tunse’al campaign; most are designed with Novice characters in mind, which is easily altered to your needs
* ten Side Tracks meant to give you something to pull out quickly when you need to fill in gaps, stretch out a session, or even just for use as an adventure seed to improvise from
* four pre-generated characters
* a map of Tunse'al

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