Fantastic Feats, Volume 53: Stat Manipulation (PFRPG) PDF

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Feats are a stable part of any character or NPC build. They give you ways to alter your powers and abilities, or to twist them in new and interesting ways.

These feats give you a way to manipulate the bonuses your stats give you. But, as with many things, they come with a penalty, as you can only push the body and mind so far…


  • Common rules for the use of these feats
  • 7 new base feats that can be customised and tweaked each time you take one. You can expand the effect it has, reduces the penalty it gives you or even increase the number of times it can be used per day
  • Each base feat has its own version tied to a different stat. For example, if you have "Astounding Strength" you don't get the benefit of "Astounding Dexterity". One feat has 30 possible variations to choose from.
The base feats you'll find inside:
    (X) & (Y) are replaced with the names of the stats being manipulated by the feat.
  • Astounding (X): Re-roll any dice roll related to this stat
  • Bonus Swap (X) (Y): Swap the bonus you get from one stat with another
  • Incredible (X): Add a second bonus to the one gained from this stat
  • Infused (X): Sacrifice a spell to give a stat a boost
  • Opposing (X): Use your stat bonus to reduce or negate another being's bonus
  • Strain (X): Strain your body and mind for greater effects, but at a price
  • Transfer Bonus (x): Use your bonus to aid another

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