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Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide, Nothing to Do But Die!

The steel guard base class represents stoic and disciplined shock troops. They instill fear in their opponents and exploit every weakness and opportunity to inflict maximum punishment. Steel guards can be found in almost any warrior culture though they are set aside from other martial classes (fighters, barbarians, monks, rogues, etc) by their discipline, focus, cruelty, and efficiency. They specialize in using heavy armor to their advantage as well as employing other defensive equipment offensively. Be the calm in the center of the storm!


  • The steel guard base class!
  • 13 disciplines and 10 attritions!
  • The abjurmain steel guard archetype—punish mages and destroy magic!
  • The vanguard steel guard archetype—a more aggressive steel guard who counts as "mounted" for a number of class features while unmounted!
  • Feat support!


  • Page Count: 13 pages (1 cover, 1 credit, 2 OGL, 9 content)
  • Bookmarked
  • PDF Optimized

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