Ponyfinder—Torn Wing Chronicle #1: It Starts With a Boat (PFRPG) PDF

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The horns of war have been sounded and the united armies of the pegasi and the griffons stand ready to launch a battle across the sea to reclaim the stolen weather magic from the elves. Will you stand with them, to serve as their forward scouts and pave the way to victory? Or will you fail and see this effort doomed from the start, the final death throes of the ponies' significance.

An adventure that starts at level 1 and ends into level 3 and follows the steps through this war of many battles.

This adventure is made to scale for a party as small as three or as large as six. It's set in the world of Everglow, but standard PCs (humans, dwarves, maybe not elves) can function just fine.

Book one of six of the Torn Wing Chronicle.

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