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Take an early journey to the stars with the Aethera Campaign Setting Early Access Guide. In this 17-page PDF you'll find a wealth of preview content from the upcoming science fantasy Aethera Campaign Setting that you can use right now in your current Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaigns!

Contents include:


  • Erahthi: plant-like entities with ties to a mysterious verdant elemental plane.
  • Infused: survivors of magical experiments that possess a psychic network and telekinetic abilities.
  • Okanta: giant-blooded humanoids infused with powerful bestial traits and remarkable cunning.
  • Phalanx: bio-organic constructs with living souls capable of tapping into past-life memories.


  • Warsinger (Bard): Bards capable of tuning into cosmic harmonies to create powerful elemental blasts.
  • Titan (Brawler): Heavy-armor wearing soldiers that fight with a mixture of firearms and unarmed combat.
  • Divine Dancer (Cantor): A divine performer that taps into the rhythm of the future in their every movement.
  • Correspondent (Investigator): A retired war correspondent that can rally and inspire others with tales of valor and heroism.
  • Medium (Etheric Dreamer): A medium that channels spirits from the Ethereal Plane.
  • Medium (Shadow Visionary): Rather than tap into the Astral Plane, a shadow visionary draws knowledge and power from the Plane of Shadow.


  • New Craft Rules: Simple rules for crafting firearms and ammunition in a "guns everywhere" setting.
  • New Perform Skill Unlock: Tap into cosmic harmonies that draw power from the elemental planes to create elemental blasts with music.

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Now available!

Lantern Lodge RPG Superstar 2014 Top 4

Really excited to see folks downloading this! The Early Access Guide was an exclusive for Kickstarter backers and now it's out in the wild for everyone to enjoy! I'd love to see reviews from folks who've downloaded and read the material, and if you liked what you saw there's a lot more coming when the Aethera Campaign Setting launches!

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