Weekly Wonders: Comic Book Vigilante Archetypes Volume II (PFRPG) PDF

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The vigilante from Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Intrigue offers you the chance to play the sort of hero usually found only in comic books, and, in fact, many of the archetypes for the vigilante seem to be direct references to famous heroes from comic books. But while the existing options allow you to access a wide variety of power sets of existing super heroes, there are some major gaps in the vigilante’s offerings.

This book presents three new archetypes for vigilantes, each patterned off of one or more famous comic book superheroes. Deadly claws, incredible healing, and superior senses are the hallmarks of the feral protector, a rough-and-tumble vigilante who can take whatever his foes can dish out. But why stop there? The superhuman guardian can leap tall buildings, deflect projectiles with his muscles, and has not just heat vision, but x-ray vision, too! Finally, the wilderness warden is three archetypes in one, for vigilantes that form a bond to certain types of terrain, such as oceans or forests, gaining powers appropriate for the area they champion.

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