Polaris Roleplaying Game—Core Rulebooks

Polaris Roleplaying Game—Core Rulebooks

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"Humankind was born in the seas and is now coming back here to die." —Vulrick the Mad

The world above ground has become uninhabitable, humankind was forced to flee from the surface and find shelter in the seas. They are now trying to survive in this hostile environment, dealing with the species' degeneration, perpetual wars, monsters and very limited resources. And there is this great mystery that prevails: the Polaris Effect...

From the publishers of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game's French edition comes Polaris, an exciting post-apocalyptic sci-fi roleplaying game, now in English!

Take part in the political intrigues, action, exploration and the quest to survive, in an all-new and revised English version with over 400 full-color pages, split in two books that are sold in a slip case.

    Core Rulebook: 1 (280 page full-color hardcover)
  • The World of the Deep—Setting
  • Character Creation
  • Game System
    Core Rulebook: 2 (208 page full-color hardcover)
  • Technology & Equipment
  • Creatures
  • Advanced Rules
  • Quickstart Adventure

Author: Philippe Tessier, Raphaël Bombayl, François Menneteau
Cover Artist: Simon Labrousse
Pages: Two books, 280 and 208

The limited edition set comes with a special slipcase, and the books feature blind-deboss, metallic foil stamping, and two ribbon bookmarks.

ISBN-13: 978-23-63-281-784
ISBN-13 (Deluxe Set): 978-236328-187-6

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