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Welcome to the Fungal Kingdom!

Welcome to 8-Bit Adventures! Do you yearn for a simpler time, when video games scrolled right and you only had to deal with 2 buttons at a time? An era where blocky, colorful, vaguely recognizable shapes made up heroes that battled odd and often confusing villains with little to no context? Then Fat Goblin Games has you covered!

Not only do you get an amazing 8-bit bestiary with over 15 iconic 8-bit monsters, you get 11 mini-adventures in classic 8-bit worlds where these creatures play major roles! Take on the role of your favorite 8-bit hero and jump, hop, and climb your way through the various levels to do what else... rescue the Princess of course!

This product line is designed to take a nostalgic look at the iconic video games of the past and bring those adventures to life in your campaigns in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game with all new options. Each volume will include monsters, magic items and maybe more! The names have been changed, but the flavor remains the same to ensure that the references are easy to see. Each volume will describe a different game world, each inspired by a classic game sure to inspire nostalgia in even the most hardened of veterans.

This volume covers the incursion of the Turtle Legions into the peaceful Fungal Kingdoms. The Turtle Legions have a variety of lethal troops at their disposal, ranging from the lowliest CR 1-2 wrenchy raccoons all the way up to the imposing Turtle King himself, weighing in at a whopping CR 15. Most of the monsters included present optional variants to help encompass the vast array of foes found across the many incarnations of the Fungal Kingdom. These foes provide a wealth of options to challenge parties of any level.

Check out Fungal Kingdoms and find:

  • Amazing monsters from the 8-bit ages such as Cloud Turtle, Hammer Turtle, Spikey!, The Windup Bomb, the twisted Barracuda Bush, and many more!
  • 11 Fantastic adventures from the mind that brought you Fat Goblin Games Campaign Kits. Check out the Castle Hopping Princess or perhaps take your chances in the Ice Pass!
  • Magic Items that bring back the memories! Invulnerability Stars, Fire Hammers, and other old time favorites!

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...I feel a sudden urge to eat some mushrooms. Why is that...

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For the past four years a friend has been running Super Mario events at our local gaming convention. He did Super Mario 1-3 and Super Wario Land. Having this, he likes that it'll be more "accurate" and he won't have to work so hard to build his own stuff. Still, we're at odds about the character builds. He's less than thrilled that Yoshi is an animal companion, and not a playable race. Although, with the Race Guide you could redesign him to be. I hope eventually to see what you guys say Mario and Luigi are for builds. From the cover art I'm thinking fighter and sorcerer.

I saw that you guys are considering your next book to be based on The Legend of Zelda. YES!!! I actually have a copy of the unofficial book that came out in 2008, and used the 3.0 OGL. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with.

For the third book, I would love, love, LOVE it if you guys did Castlevania. I've been wanting that for years. Fans of the series have accepted the Ravenloft adventures and books as being the closest we'd ever see, and a lot of us (myself included) did up monster lists of what was already out that we could supplement into our own campaigns.

Can't wait to get more of your 8-Bit series supplements.

This is awesome! I'm going to have to try this out with a group.

I do hope you folks consider the following games to convert:

Kid Icarus
Metroid (cool for some sci-fi)

Although these are already RPGs, they'd fit well with the theme:

Final Fantasy
Dragon Quest/Warrior

Keep up the good work!

Thanks to everyone for the Amazing feedback! We are very excited about the 8-Bit line and look forward to playing many fun video games on our table tops in the near future! Please consider providing a review if you enjoyed the book and keep talking about our favorite fungal friends!

Speaking of fungal friends - Fungifolk is out as a playable character race if you are interested in more fungal fun!

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Is this seriously a totes not super mario pathfinder conversion? :D Thats hilariously awesome

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