Pathfinder Battles: Iconic Heroes Set #5

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Iconic Heroes Set #5 includes six all-new miniatures featuring famous personalities from the Pathfinder roleplaying universe! Each of these miniatures is an all-new sculpt and will feature a dynamic pose, incredible detail, and a premium paint job.

Characters featured in this set list include:

  • Kess, human brawler
  • Oloch, half-orc warpriest
  • Zadim, human slayer
  • Adowyn, human hunter
  • Enora, halfing arcanist
  • Leryn, animal companion

Each Iconic Heroes set also includes exclusive Cards (one for each miniature) for use in the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game! These special Cards are only available in this Pathfinder Battles product!

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IconicHeroes-Kess IconicHeroes-Oloch IconicHeroes-Zadim IconicHeroes-Adowyn
IconicHeroes-Enora IconicHeroes-Leryn

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5.00/5 (based on 2 ratings)

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This is my first set of iconics, i bought it to round up minis for potential NPCs or PCs and i'm very happy with them!
Great paint job and the harder type plastic won't break.

Almost perfect in every detail!


Iconic Set #4 was a miss for me, but after how amazing I found The Rusty Dragon Inn set, I decided to ask my FLGS to order a set of Iconic Heroes #5, hoping they'd help me regain and keep my faith in the Pathfinder Battles line.

Boy howdy, has it!

Oloch is, dare I say it, almost (insert "My Cousin Vinny" hand gestures here) *identical* in mini-form to his art in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game books, down to the tiniest detail! Kess and Adowyn came out looking amazing, as did Leryn - now *that* is how a head tattoo should come out! The layering on the fur was, as my friend at the FLGS put it, exquisite!

The only things that weren't 100% perfect are tiny nitpicks - Zadim's pose seems to have made his middle section a bit more robust than he appears in art-form, and Enora's face and hair make her look a bit older than she appears - both easily overlooked by how great the rest of them, and their fellows, came out in this set!

Maybe Set #4 was just a fluke?

5/5 once again! Well done, Paizo!

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