Pathfinder Society Faction Pin: Silver Crusade

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Show support for your Pathfinder Society faction!

Led by the retired Pathfinder Ollysta Zadrian, paladin of Sarenrae, this faction seeks to be more than just adventurers doing the bidding of the Decemviral and the Venture-Captains. While other factions, such as the Exchange, may use the society for personal gain, the Silver Crusade attempts to transform the society into an organization that aids the weak, destroys evil, and makes the world a better place.

This detailed metal pin is produced by Campaign Coins under license from Paizo Inc., and is designed by Drew Morrow.

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Average product rating:

4.70/5 (based on 3 ratings)

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Solid Construction


Like the other faction pins for Pathfinder Society, the Silver Crusade one allows a player of that faction to get a small bonus to a single skill check in a session. The pin comes stuck on a little cardboard card that contains a short description of the ethos of the Silver Crusade faction on the back. It's a handy little reminder about what the faction's core purpose is. The pin itself looks solid, made of strong metal and with a quality backer that should keep it from falling out of a shirt. The design of the symbol is a bit of an odd one in how reminiscent it is of a cross or ankh, neither symbol of which makes much sense in a fictional world like Golarion (and the former symbol's link to "crusade" puts it a bit too on the nose!). Still, I don't blame the manufacturer--they did a good job.

Good quality


I ordered all of the pins, and they're all wonderful. These are relatively heavy, so I'm glad that some of them actually have 2 posts instead of only one. The pin backs are strong, and I've never even come close to losing one!

A wonderful way to show your faction support


I just got this pin today along with ones for Grand Lodge and Scarab Sages and I have to say that they are worth it to the max. All three are very high quality, with no blemishes at all.

Silver Crusade

Tiny typo in the description, it should read Ollysta Zadrian

Community Manager

Sebastian Hirsch wrote:
Tiny typo in the description, it should read Ollysta Zadrian


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