Pathfinder Society Faction Pin: Liberty's Edge

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Liberty's Edge faction members seek to spark revolution in decadent old empires and to civilize and educate the ignorant peoples of lost and unknown lands. They press for the abolition of slavery and the punishment of those who perpetrate it. They bring the torch of freedom to the world's darkest places and banish mysticism, diabolism, and fear. A member of this faction often performs acts of sabotage and diplomacy while carrying out her duties and should be willing to bend the rules of tyrannical law in order to plant the seed of liberty, even when doing so requires employing questionable techniques.

This detailed metal pin is produced by Campaign Coins under license from Paizo Inc., and is designed by Drew Morrow.

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5.00/5 (based on 2 ratings)

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Great Design


With my randomly-rolled gnome Jilla now in operation, I have my first Liberty's Edge character.. This faction pin has a classic winged-sword motif and sports the colors of Andoran's Eagle Knights, which makes perfect sense. To me, the symbol's design is one of the strongest among PFS factions. I haven't actually worn it, but like all the PFS faction pins, it looks pretty sturdy with two strong clasps to keep it in place. The back of the card it comes attached to has a lengthy but well-written description of the faction. There may be irony in the fact that the pin for a faction devoted to liberty is made in China, but I guess that's neither here nor there.

Good quality


I ordered all of the pins, and they're all wonderful. These are relatively heavy, so I'm glad that some of them actually have 2 posts instead of only one. The pin backs are strong, and I've never even come close to losing one!

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