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The tabletop roleplaying game magazine compatible with Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Contents for issue #1:

  • Publisher's Corner by Jonathan G. Nelson
  • Adventure (5E): A Shoggoth Among the Sheep by Wolfgang Baur
  • Review: Pixies on Parade by Endzeitgeist
  • Review: Shattered Heart #1 – The Ties that Bind by Endzeitgeist
  • Review: Ultimate Charisma by Endzeitgeist
  • Review: Return to Crypt of the Sun Lord by Endzeitgeist
  • Musings of a Mermaid: Interview with Jen page by Jonathan G. Nelson
  • S.A.G.E. Advice for Enjoying your Game by Jen Page
  • Comic: Tales from the Tabletop by Jacob Blackmon
  • Rites of Spring by Will Myers
  • Birth of a Freelancer by Michael Allen
  • Rules for Falling in Love by Stephen Yeardley
  • The Menagerie: Reliquum by Michael Smith
  • The Menagerie: Froojarr Midgekind by Stephen Yeardley
  • The Arcanarium: Copper Disc of Spring Feeding by Stephen Yeardley
  • The Arcanarium: Halter of Training by Stephen Yeardley
  • The Arcanarium: Herbalist's Terrarium by Justin Andrew Mason
  • Mini-Adventure (PF): The Spirit Bottle by Stephen Yeardley
  • Mini-Adventure (PF): Fitcher's by Stephen Yeardley
  • The Gauntlet: Map Trap by Rory Toma
  • The Gauntlet: Structurally Unsound Door Trap by Rory Toma
  • The Gauntlet: Navigation Trap  by Rory Toma
  • The Gauntlet: Thin Ice Trap  by Rory Toma
  • The Gauntlet: Navigation Trap  by Rory Toma

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Sovereign Court

Are there open calls to be a part of this publication?

Scarab Sages

Lorathorn wrote:
Are there open calls to be a part of this publication?

Not just yet; we're still figuring out what we want AC to be. That being said, a good way to get our attention (right now) is to tell us what you'd like to contribute, under the guise of telling us what kind of 'zine you'd like AC to be.

A bit late to the party but it's never too late to have some free first issue of the adventurin' chronicle-stuff out there. ;)

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