Pathfinder Society Scenario #7–26—All for Immortality, Part 2: All the Gods Beyond (PFRPG) PDF

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A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 12–15.

Recent revelations suggest the Thuvian crisis is part of a more devious scheme—one that extends far beyond the sun orchid trade. On the trail of the villainous mastermind at the heart of it all, the PCs set out for shadow-cursed Nidal to infiltrate a clandestine facility established to study the utterly otherworldly.

“All the Gods Beyond” is the second scenario in the three-part All for Immortality campaign arc. It is preceded by Pathfinder Society Scenario #7–20: “First Taste of Eternity” and followed by Pathfinder Society Scenario #7–29: “Serpents Fall.” All three chapters are intended to be played in order.

Written by Amanda Hamon Kunz and F. Wesley Schneider.

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Average product rating:

3.70/5 (based on 10 ratings)

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Amazing scenario with two problems


1) Maps in the scenario are too small for both flavor and encounter wise(as in it makes them make less sense from as written perspective) 2) the encounter doesn't tell gm to tell players about the timelimit so it punishes players for something they couldn't have known about (since lot of similar scenarios don't actually have timelimits :P) if gm decides to not tell them about number of delays

Besides that, I love flavor and npcs and lore in scenario :'D I really enjoyed roleplaying leper, roper, god and professor.

...Ah yeah, professor is best sassy npc I've seen in any scenario, that was gold and so was player reactions :'D Pity she probably isn't going to come back but hey I can dream

Call of Cthulhu adventure, not appropriate for Pathfinder


Between a curse being described as a "potent boon" and a plot from horror and Call of Cthulhu, I strongly suggest that you do _NOT_ play this adventure.

A Decent Bridge


Beyond is mostly combat with a little roleplay and investigation.

Like part 1, Beyond doesn’t pull any punches and there are some truly horrible things that can happen to your PC, but like they say, death is only a condition at level 12+.

The encounters were well constructed and non-typical, interesting environments.

Again, I really liked the leadership aspect of the scenario, although it wasn’t as well done as parts 1 and 3.

There are nice plot points at the end, explaining the Aspis plot that has occurred over the last 2 seasons.

Although it was good, it was also the weakest of the 3 parts.

”Detailed Rating”:

Length: Medium (2.5 hours). Runs really fast, we did parts 1-3 in 2 slots because of this.
Experience: Player at subtier 12-13 with 4 great PCs.
Sweet Spot: TBD.
Entertainment: The ending was worth it. (7/10)
Story: The science labs had a story. (7/10)
Roleplay: Better than expected (for a dungeon crawl) with some choices. (7/10)
Combat/Challenges: We had to use some creative solutions for the last encounter. (8/10)
Maps: The last map was good, especially printed in color. (8/10)
Boons: Creative boons. (8/10)
Uniqueness: The end encounter was good. (8/10)
GM Preparation: TBD.

Overall: Beyond was by far the weakest of the three parts, but was still very good (8/10).
Thanks again for making something to look forward to at level 12.

A masterpiece.


I do 0-3 stars for fluff, 0-3 for crunch, and a good/bad/ugly section for each. Note that my group played the trilogy in Hard mode, as we enjoy deadly scenarios more than pleasant excursions.

Fluff: 3 stars

The mission hearkens back to the Island of Dr. Moreau, in a very good way. The set-up ties in very nicely both to the overall storyline of the trilogy and of the season as a whole. The location was extremely well designed both in terms of space usage and there was a ton of really cool areas with really fascinating and well-described stuff in it. I don't want to dive into details and spoil anything, but the things the party will discover in this adventure actually give some hints at how the Golarion universe works as a whole in a way that felt organic and earned by the players. The NPCs (particularly the last one encountered) have incredibly well written monologues/dialogues, that give them engaging and unique personalities. Honestly, all of the prose is pretty strong throughout. The enemies fit the location/mission thematically while still surprising the PCs. The whole mission gives the trilogy forward momentum, tying what initially was going to be a 'normal' mission in Part 1 into a tangle of conspiracies that will be resolved in part 3, while still having a distinctly satisfying story in and of itself.

Bad - There were a few things about the environment that merited a bit more exploration/ methods of disseminating the information. Honestly, not enough to subtract even half a star.

Ugly - There is a potentially large reward reduction that is in no way foreshadowed by the scenario. My crew was lucky enough to avoid it, but I imagine a number of groups get hosed by this 'gotcha' mechanic. There were also a few elements of the map/scenario that I felt could have had a bit more in the way of interaction methods.

Crunch - 2.5 stars

Good - This scenario had only two real combats with an optional, but both (or all three) were extraordinary challenges, featuring an array of defenses, offensive abilities, and strategic use of terrain and player expectations. They were devilishly challenging without resorting to truly 'unfair' methods like mis-calculating CR or monster combat metrics. There were some skill sections using mechanics from recent books that I really enjoy, as they help everyone to participate without requiring everyone to actually be great at a particular skill. The leadership mechanic was well executed again, though perhaps the weakest of the trilogy in that aspect. DCs for everything felt right, both in and out of combat.

Bad - Once again, I'm kind of drawing a blank here. Well, I was a bit frustrated by how all the fights had basically the same set of immunities. As a control caster with a wide variety of status conditions I can inflict, it was galling being almost incapable of contributing offensively. Luckily, a Cleric like myself can always cast support spells, so I wasn't useless, but still. A greater variety of immunities would have been nice, though I have to admit that the final combat was a real thinker and that was a good thing.

Ugly - Some of the map-space (particularly the final area) could have been better utilized. Some things about the are (a particular sonic effect) had lower impact than I think we expected, which was disappointing. Basically, I think there was so much coolness packed in here that both the authors and GMs will have to triage which aspects get dived into. That's really only a flaw in the interview, "What's your biggest flaw" sense where it's actually a virtue in disguise.

Yeah, strong 5-6 star scenario.

Weakest of the trilogy


I've had the opportunity to both play and run this scenario, and both times, it left me wanting.

As a GM, it was somewhat frustrating to prepare... the unclear map delegations became a source of several inside jokes betwixt my players and I. The story is somewhat of an inconsequential mess, initial encounters and puzzles were forgettable, and the final boss would have literally been easier for this particular party if we had chosen hard mode.

The party had an evoker who was able to change energy types... early in Round 1, the Godfont would have split, and the evoker would have done even more damage, versus leaving it at single-digit hit points for the next person to clean up.

As a player, the final boss was certainly a highlight (never thought I'd have to bring out those spells with spell kenning), but one combat an enjoyable scenario does not make.

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Community Manager

Announced for June!

Paizo Employee Pathfinder Society Lead Developer

Maps in All the Gods Beyond:

This scenario uses only a custom map; there are no Map Packs or Flip-Mats in this adventure.

Is it just the one custom map?

Paizo Employee Pathfinder Society Lead Developer

andreww wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

Indeed, a single custom map handles the entire adventure.

Thanks John

Good to know. Thanks John!

Grand Lodge

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Good heavens, what is that?

Paizo Employee Pathfinder Society Lead Developer

2 people marked this as a favorite.
TriOmegaZero wrote:
Good heavens, what is that?

After having developed this adventure, I'd say it's one of my new favorite creatures for mauling uppity seekers.

Community Manager

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TriOmegaZero wrote:
Good heavens, what is that?

A problem. :)

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I'd guess an

augnagar qlippoth?

Is there any penalty for not playing these consecutively? We have a group that is barely in the upper tier for part 2 (13.8 APL) and are currently planning to play Tomb of the Iron Medusa in between part 1 and 2 to get PCs to solidly in tier. There was some concern about continuity or missing out on a potential "consecutive scenario" boon.

Any possible input or would that be too spoilerish?


John Compton wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
Good heavens, what is that?
After having developed this adventure, I'd say it's one of my new favorite creatures for mauling uppity seekers.

The thing my 15th level conjurer killed.

All in all I enjoyed this, not quite as good as part I but still a good romp. I will review this and part one after I finish part 3.

Scarab Sages

I think I'm missing something. I can't find the research rules in the PRD. They're in the Ultimate Intrigue book, right?

Silver Crusade


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