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Hello everybody, just got my illusionist wizard to 13 and its really hard to decide which spells to use...

So was thinking about project image but there are some things that seem tricky in terms of mechanics. I know there are some other topics about this specific spell but i can't seem to find all the answers i need so i will try to gather them all here

So i have these following questions:

1)When i use my image to cast a spell for me, do i have to use somatic/verbal components my self or i am just concentrating on the image to do so? like what happens if i am grappled?

2)There is a line where it says "The projected image can't cast any spells on itself except for illusion spells".
This means that the image can cast a spell completely by itself as an independent (if is an illusion) while i cast another spell too in the same round? if yes, do i need to spend a move action to do so like it says here: "The projected image mimics your actions (including speech) unless you direct it to act differently (which is a move action)."?

3)Can the image be destroyed by attack or spells? if yes, what is his HP/AC?

Project Image wrote:
If you desire, any spell you cast whose range is touch or greater can originate from the projected image instead of from you. The projected image can't cast any spells on itself except for illusion spells. The spells affect other targets normally, despite originating from the projected image.

1) It looks like you could use a move action to tell the image to remain motionless, then cast a spell with somatic components and have it originate from the image anyway. I conclude that the components are your body's responsibility, but I admit it's somewhat ambiguous.

2) No, the "can't cast any spells on itself" line is in reference to the previous line. That is, when you cast MyFavoriteSpell, it can come out of the image, but it can't be on on the image unless MyFavoriteSpell is an illusion. Under no circumstance can the image cast MyFavoriteSpell while you do something else.

3) Nope. It's quasi-real but intangible enough to be invulnerable. Of course, that itself might give away its illusory nature to observers....

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