Fantastic Feats Volume LI: Warpriest (PFRPG) PDF

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"Yes my homeland is what you call a frozen wasteland. But to me it is a land of power, of strength, of courage and most importantly, to me at least, it is the home of my gods and they are full of wrath which they will unleash if you don't let me pass..."
-Flegar Wolfsson,
Grand Warpriest of the North

Features feats for the Warpriest, the potent combination of cleric and fighter.

  • Divine Aim—Sacred Weapon can now be improved if you sacrifice energy
  • Divine Armour—Sacrifice a spell for a bonus to your AC
  • Divine Attack—Sacrifice a spell to gain a bonus to your minimum damage
  • Divine Luck—Give up a spell for a general bonus yo your dice rolls
  • Divine Power—You gain +1 to your effective level for determining level based effects
  • Divine Rage—Gain a bonus to certai damage and attack rolls
  • Greater Blessings—Gain a bonus to your Blessings when you sacrifice a spell
  • Greater Channel Energy—Gain a bonus to damage or healing when using channel energy
  • Sacred Protection—Sacrifice a spell for a bonus to a saving throw.
  • Warface—Those attacking you suffer a penalty

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