Pathfinder Tales: Starspawn

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The Stars Are Wrong

Once a notorious pirate, Jendara has at last returned to the cold northern isles of her birth, ready to settle down and raise her young son. Yet when a mysterious tsunami wracks her island's shore, she and her fearless crew must sail out to explore the strange island that's risen from the sea floor. No sooner have they delved into the lost island's alien structures than they find themselves competing with a monstrous cult eager to complete a dark ritual in those dripping halls. For something beyond all mortal comprehension has been dreaming on the sea floor. And it's begun to wake up...

From Hugo Award winner Wendy N. Wagner comes a sword-swinging adventure in the tradition of H. P. Lovecraft, set in the award-winning world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

352-page trade paperback
ISBN-13: 978-0-7653-8433-1

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Average product rating:

3.70/5 (based on 6 ratings)

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Now the disturbing things comes from very far away


I really enjoyed this sequel to Skinwalkers. I'm not a huge mythos fan, but this was just the right touch, with a very Pathfinder feel to the story. A surprising turn from the original, but it works well.


I thought this was an improvement on "Skinwalkers". I liked the Mythos touch. I liked the different factions on the island w/ their own agendas as opposed to a clearly delineated band of antagonists v. protagonists. I liked that there were real casualties, given the incredible odds they were up against; it gets a little much when everyone survives for a happy ending.

Dislikes would include her son, Kran. More often than not, I'm afraid I just found him annoying. And the little dog surviving the whole adventure stretched disbelief. Also, the proofreading and editing seemed nonexistent. Worse than "Skinwalkers". While I could guess the missing words when I came upon them (often a simple "the"), or overlook an extra word, or fill in the past tense of a few verbs...all together it was too much for a professionally published novel.

Overall, a fun read. 3.5 stars for me.

Starspawn was a thrilling ride.


This was the first Pathfinder Tale I had the pleasure of reading and it was very enjoyable.

-The action portions are paced well and really pull you into the action.
-The main characters were likeable and were developed well. Had flaws, etc.

-The secondary characters are not fleshed out enough. Forgettable at times.
-Pacing between big plot points can start to lag.

The good parts were great and the bad parts were forgotten once you get back into the action. Jendara are her crew were a diverse lot that made me interested in their fates and the previous book in their story. The story pulls you in and the stakes are high as they deal with a threat to all of Golarian.

I like Skinwalkers, but this book is really bad.


Chapter one and the wraparound-cover.

The characters are really one-dimensional and underdeveloped.
Besides from Jendara, Kran, Vorrin and Korthrax, i couldn´t keep the others apart, because there is almost zero description of how they look.

The book has very few action-scenes, and they last mostly for one page, sometimes for two pages (The first chapter is the only exception).
Almost nobody dies, despite horrible enemies.
The worst thing is, the structure is similiar to "Wizard´s Mask", the only other really bad book in the Pathfinder series:
Somebody get´s lost during the exploration, the rest searches for them.
During that, someone else get´s lost and the others search for them.
During that, some others get lost and so on.

I havn´t been so bored reading a novel in a few years and i read a lot of novels. This sadly is neither a good Mythos Tale, nor a good Pathfinder Tale.

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Maybe her GM lets her use Automatic Bonus Progression?

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So I did some checking, and I can now confirm:

This blog entry has the correct number of "na's" in the title.

Scarab Sages

So, Kran.

is totally some kind of Oracle, right?

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I didn't care for this much at all. It was a lot of flailing around by boring characters. I never did really learn who most of the crew were or what differentiated them.

I will say I enjoyed imagining this scene from Happy Gilmore but with "the stars are wrong" as the line and the various bad guys in place of Bob Barker.

The Exchange

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Are we likely to ever see chronicles for the books without them like this one? Should be some interesting options.

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