Pathfinder Battles—Rusty Dragon Inn: Feiya, Human Witch

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Featuring friends and foes from the world of Golarion, the Rusty Dragon Inn expansion introduces 51 unique figures for your Pathfinder Battles miniatures campaign.

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Average product rating:

2.50/5 (based on 6 ratings)

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The remake is not really much better than the original. The face is still a problem but I'll take it.

Broken by Beaky and with bug eyes.


The good:
The body is painted well.
The bad:
I can see that the eyes should be placed a little higher which would make her face look good.
It IS possible but didn't happen somehow.
The ugly:
To place the 2 replacement minis in the same box as the heaviest large is a real poor decision.

Arrived broken and warped


Feiya arrived mixed with my Pathfinder Battles subscription. I didn't have the first version of this miniature, so nothing to compare it to.

However, she didn't arrive intact -- the cape was separated from the base and it was warped badly (wouldn't stand). She is going to require super glue to the cape and a few sessions under the hair dryer at high temp to get her upright. The paint job is... well, it's awful. I read in the product announcement how this version of the figure was an improvement over the first one, so it must have been REALLY bad.

I don't expect perfection out of plastic pre-painted minis but this one is disappointing on several levels.



And Feiya continues to be the most frustrating single miniature in the entire line.

I ordered this as a replacement for the RoW version that I bought when she first was released.

When the replacement arrived, it was awful, worse than the original. Her sculpt was so bad that she doesn't even stand up. And because her cloak is attached to the base, I cannot even correct it by boiling.

Then I looked at the bottom, and noticed that it said RoW, so I thought Paizo mistakenly sent me an old one. I called customer service and they apologized and promised to send a replacement.

I received the second replacement today. It is also really bad. I immediately checked the bottom, and lo and behold: RoW.

So I called customer service again, and I was informed that they are the same miniature as the original RoW, ostensibly with more quality control than originally, which is why she is still marked RoW.

I can honestly say that it is just as bad as the first one that I got when she was released originally.

I am really disappointed in Paizo. I thought this was intended to be a replacement for the poor job last time. My mistake.

The happy ending is that my money will be refunded to me.

I cannot recommend anyone waste their time and money on this miniature.

Better, but not by much.


I have to admit I have given up on this miniature. While this one is better than the original one I received, it is a minor improvement.

I will give points for the effort and time but I think it is time to let this one sink to the bottom of my mini horde.

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Dark Archive

Damn this looks bad. I hope it is not as bug-eyed in hand as on the picture.
I'll reserve my judgement till i have my case.

Silver Crusade

Marco Massoudi wrote:

Damn this looks bad. I hope it is not as bug-eyed in hand as on the picture.

I'll reserve my judgement till i have my case.

It is just as bad as it has always been.

I'm running out of reasons to continue my support of this company.

It's WizKids, makers of Heroclix.
They produce 3 catagories of sculpts: complete crap, average, awesome. Often in unequal porportions....
Always have, always will.

Likewise with the paint jobs.

Buy the figures you like on the secondary market & just ignore the rest. It'll cost you less than buying blind boosters.

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