Pathfinder Battles—Rusty Dragon Inn: Bed

4.80/5 (based on 4 ratings)

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Featuring friends and foes from the world of Golarion, the Rusty Dragon Inn expansion introduces 51 unique figures for your Pathfinder Battles miniatures campaign.

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Average product rating:

4.80/5 (based on 4 ratings)

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It is one of the best bed miniatures that I've seen. It has a nice clean look and fits great in a 2" x 1" space. Like the other furnishing pieces in this set, my complaint would be that I wish there was more than one in a case. I could have used about four of these but the cost to buy these on the singles market is too high.

Very cool.


Sculpt and paint job are perfect.
Only 1 or 2 in a case. Uncommon would have been better.

Sweet dreams are made of these. Who am I to disagree?


**Special Note For Anyone Using My Review**
1. I review individual miniatures based on their quality, not what I think their rarity slot should be.

I've seen a couple reviews that, after praising a piece with a solid sculpt and paint job, knock down the rating a couple stars seemingly because they feel it would fit a better rarity slot. That is nonsense to me. I don't think it helps anyone looking at reviews trying to determine the actual quality of a piece in hand. I keep that type of conversation reserved for Erik's weekly Friday Preview blog or the review of the set as a whole.

2. For those new to pre-painted miniatures, please understand that no piece is going to look as close to quality as the digital 3D render. It just isn't going to happen. Think of the renders as what to expect conceptually. But in practice digital renders don't have to deal with real world techniques such as shading, washing, and other methods used to make a miniature look more than just a shiny cartoon once it is on the table. **

My Official Grade For Bed:

Quality of Sculpt: 2 out of 2 Stars:
The headboard and outside footboard both have designs carved into them. The bed is sculpted so you can see a few ripples here and there from the blanket. The pillow looks great atop the outer bed cover and the bedsheets. What a great sculpt for such a simple item.

Quality of Paint Job: 2 out of 2 Stars:
The paint job is simple yet so good. It's honestly one of the better looking Dressing pieces out there. I've got no complaints with this paint job.

Overall appeal and usefulness: 1 out of 1 Star:
If you use these, you'll definitely want to pick up some extras. They look great, and you can customize your tavern scene with extra beds.

I'm slowly warming up to Dressing pieces. I've thrown a couple of the pieces from the last set into a campaign. Without a doubt I'll be using all the dressing pieces from this set. These beds go a long way towards that step. I tend to make overnight encounters a somewhat frequent thing in my campaigns, even when the group stays at an inn. I'm pretty excited to set up a set of rooms with beds in them to flesh out my concepts with a three-dimensional feel.

My Advice For Cherry Pickers:
If you don't plan on using the dressing or setting up your tavern scene, you don't need this.

However, the bar set and pieces like this bed look great enough that even if you don't plan to utilize them in a campaign, you can still set one up in diorama form.



Fits nicely in a 1x2 squares on flip mats. Detail and paint job are excellent. Really no complaints with the dungeon dressing other than cart/wagon could be larger.

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