Pathfinder Battles—Rusty Dragon Inn: Dancing Girl

3.70/5 (based on 7 ratings)

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Featuring friends and foes from the world of Golarion, the Rusty Dragon Inn expansion introduces 51 unique figures for your Pathfinder Battles miniatures campaign.

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Average product rating:

3.70/5 (based on 7 ratings)

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I love the dancing girl. She looks great in hand. I'm so glad that Pathfinder Battles has expanded to include non-combat humans.

Perfectly good specialty townsfolk


Reasonably good sculpt & decent enough paint.

I could wish that the red chosen were more vibrant; even more, I could wish there were variants which came in red, blue, & green.

Useful for certain crowd scenes (taverns, brothels, gypsy camps, balls).

Really good.


Everything, especially the face.

This is a perfect example of how a mini should be.

Pretty good for a common. Pretty..pretty..pretty..pretty good.


**Special Note For Anyone Using My Review**
1. I review individual miniatures based on their quality, not what I think their rarity slot should be.

I've seen a couple reviews that, after praising a piece with a solid sculpt and paint job, knock down the rating a couple stars seemingly because they feel it would fit a better rarity slot. That is nonsense to me. I don't think it helps anyone looking at reviews trying to determine the actual quality of a piece in hand. I keep that type of conversation reserved for Erik's weekly Friday Preview blog or the review of the set as a whole.

2. For those new to pre-painted miniatures, please understand that no piece is going to look as close to quality as the digital 3D render. It just isn't going to happen. Think of the renders as what to expect conceptually. But in practice digital renders don't have to deal with real world techniques such as shading, washing, and other methods used to make a miniature look more than just a shiny cartoon once it is on the table. **

My Official Grade For Dancing Girl:

Quality of Sculpt: 2 out of 2 Stars:
There isn't too much to this piece. The girl appears to be in mid-motion, and the quality of details in the sculpt reflect it. Perhaps most impressive is that you can clearly make out both her belly button AND the small of her back. There are some layers to her dress, too, that help make this a more believable piece.

Quality of Paint Job: 2 out of 2 Stars:
This miniature doesn't suffer from the issues that Paizo humanoids from previous sets have. When you look at her face, you can clearly see it, complete with acceptable eyes, nose, and mouth. The rest of her body is well painted, too. She is somewhat simple in color scheme, though the colors are appealing to the natural eye.

If I were to point out any flaw I notice in the four I received in my case, it would be a slight blend of coloring between the gold and flesh tone of the character. Gold is much more appealing on darker skinned individuals than lighter shades of people, so this isn't really a fault of the paint.

Overall appeal and usefulness: 1 out of 1 Star:
She isn't as striking as other common human females, but she doesn't have to be. She's a simple dancing girl there for entertainment of patrons, not much else. She'd work just as well as a dancing girl anywhere, be it in a court for a high lord or a traveling band of gypsies.

My Advice For Cherry Pickers:
This is a pretty straightforward piece. You either need her for your collection or you don't. Unlike other NPC types in this set, finding a use for her outside of entertainment might be tough, unless you make her an undercover monk or something.

There aren't too many of these types in previous sets or even in lines from other companies, so grabbing at least one of this piece might not be a bad idea.

There are no major quality control issues to speak of, so if you have the means and the need, she's a definite buy.

Dare you dance with me?


A three and a half star mini, really, given that it can easily sub in for a player character or Varisian. The sculpt itself starts out good, but is a little weak in places near the face and hands. The gold of the earrings and bracelets gets lost against her skin tone. However, the face isn't bad and the miniature is actually tasteful and well colored. A good utility piece.

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