Kill Doctor Lucky (Anniversary Edition)

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Welcome to Lucky Mansion, a sprawling country estate full of unusual weapons, good hiding places, and craven killers. Killers like you! The object? Kill Doctor Lucky! Find a weapon, track the old man down, and take him out. Unfortunately, Doctor Lucky is aptly named. Hes got more lives than Rasputin and an uncanny knack for dodging your best traps. But, stick to it. Persevere. The Doctor`s luck won`t last forever. Before the night is over, someone is going to kill Doctor Lucky. Wouldn`t you rather it was you? An Origins Award Winner for Best Abstract Board Game of 1997, this 19.5th Anniversary Edition of Kill Doctor Lucky features all-new art by Israel Evans (Get Lucky) and contains dramatically updated rules, so its cleaner, faster, and more tactical than ever before!

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I have (and love) the original version of Kill Dr. Lucky. Can anyone give more detail on the updated rules? Thanks!

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You may find this update from the KS campaign informative in that regard.

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