Fantastic Feats, Volume 47: Shaman (PFRPG) PDF

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“What his name was before becoming a shaman has been lost to the ages. The spirits called him Tor’Tilla. You think I am joking? It is not my place, or yours, to question the wisdom of the spirits when they name us, even though sometimes it is very perplexing…” —Tales of Tor’Tilla, the Lost Shaman

A shaman is a kind of medicine man who practices shamanism. Shamans were believed to be able to talk to the spirit world, usually animal spirits. The main tasks of a shamen in history was healing, weather control or any other supernatural forces.

The feats inside this volume are:

Spell Sacrifice Bonus: Sacrifice a spell to empower some of the other feats.
Powerful Hexes: Re-roll rolls related to your hexes and take better results.
Powerful Spirit: Re-roll rolls related to your spirits and take better results.
Shamanistic Defences: Sacrifice a spell to gain a bonus to a saving throw.
Spirit Mentor: Knowledge of the spirit world grants you a bonus to level related rolls.
Spirits Anger: Give up a spell for a bonus to hit or damage.
Spirits Armour: Turn your spell energy into a bonus to your AC.
Spirits Awareness: Sacrifice a spell for a bonus to your perception and spot checks.
Spirits Diplomacy: Sacrifice a spell for a bonus to social rolls, improved when dealing with sprits or similar.
Spirits Teachings: Sacrifice a spell for a bonus to any skill check.
Spiritual Trance: Enter a trance for another random benefit, but with a chance of being punished!

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