Rogue Archetypes: Shadow Warrior (5E) PDF

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"I speak to the shadows ... and they speak back ..."

Not everyone can become a shadow warrior. More than just combatants, shadow warriors are students of styles of fighting they learn from the shadows themselves. Strange and dangerous; a killer with one foot in shadow, who prefers to fight with weapons that are as much about causing pain as they are felling enemies.

The shadow warrior is a new rogue archetype designed for use with the Fifth Edition Rules. It is a combat-oriented archetype, with an emphasis on fighting effectively with exotic weapons and drawing on the powers of shadow and darkness.

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4.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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Strike from the Shadows


I like the Shadow Warrior Archetype, and it stands out as likely being the first of many hybrid archetypes (to say nothing of ones already present in the SRD and/or PHB), but a well done one at that. It is not quite warlock enough to make a Shadow Warrior step on the toes of a Warlock, but it blends the creativity of the Warlock's thematic approach with the sensibilities of a combat focused rogue, making something almost unique in the process. This is an amazing and viable alternative to arcane trickster, likewise being distinct enough from that character option to justify itself, and interesting enough to be considered for use by players.The abilities seem well balanced. I also rather enjoyed the integration of "exotic" weapons as a modular and workable approach, rather than a cumbersome call back to the rule set of a prior edition.

I believe that this product was among the first available class options available for 5th edition, some time before the SRD was released. I mention this as relevant because it seems to be a dipped toe in the water of 5th edition products. Though it has a fantastic cover, the presentation of this book is not as exciting as I'm used to from Rogue Genius games, though everything looks neatly laid out and otherwise well done. The borders are thick, and a bit distracting, but that's more of a quibble. I would very much like to see a revision of this product, changed to include perhaps a piece of art or even the actual rogue class for the sake of ease, given its current inclusion in the SRD. Seeing this class integrated with the rogue rules might expand the product by a few pages, but it would be an excellent printable resource for anyone playing such a class. One last complaint is that it seems to be slightly expensive for a 5 page product containing one archetype, though I did buy it on sale. Granted, this was an early product, and did not have the benefit of seeing the rough pricing structure that has organically grown through trial and error.

I give this product 4 stars; it is a promising if slightly unpolished start to a venture into 5th edition products!

Sovereign Court

Review posted!

Many thanks for the review!

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