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Fantasy worlds are full of secret societies that dress in strange garb, meet in hidden places at predetermined and arcane times, chant strange chants, and perform eldritch rituals whose significance could never truly be understood by an outsider. These secret orders, brotherhoods, and cabals are collectively known as cults, and their members, cultists, and they have captured the popular imagination for centuries, and are a staple of fantasy media. It is, of course, possible for a member of a cult to belong to any number of different classes, but while barbarians and druids get their own classes with special class features to set them apart from classes like fighter or cleric, and provide unique play experiences, the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game doesn’t have a class designed specifically for cultists. Until now.

Esoteric Orders: The Cultist presents a base class specifically designed for cultists, with unique and flavorful abilities that tie into the common expectations of cultists in fantasy media, such as their inherent madness, their penchant for communing with otherworldly forces, and committing ritual sacrifices. Each cultist also chooses a specific cult to which they belong, from among 15 included here, which determines many of their class features and abilities, ensuring that cultists belonging to different cults play very differently. Finally, the book is filled with beautiful art by Phill Simpson, which brings each of the cults to life before your eyes.

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Community Manager

Now available!

This sounds fascinating!

But ... it's 36 pages for $14.99. Can one of the authors explain why it has such a seemingly odd bang-for-the-buck price for such a small PDF?

Thanks for asking! As a general rule, smaller publishers typically aren't able to match the comparatively low price per page that larger publishers like Paizo and WoTC are, because of a very large difference in the number of sales they can expect for each product. In general, most of the larger Necromancers of the Northwest products (ie., not the Weekly Wonders or Mythic Mastery products, which we put out weekly and are only a few pages each) tend to have a much lower cost per page than many other publishers our size, historically speaking.

One of the main ways that we accomplish this is by using very little art, and, when we do use art, using cheap stock art, which keeps our art costs down. For this book, however, we wanted to try doing things a bit differently, and one of the main changes that we wanted to try out was commissioning art. In addition to the beautiful cover, there are 15 additional pieces of art in the book that were commissioned exclusively for this project, one for each of the fifteen cults.

Art doesn't come cheap, and this was by far the most expensive book for us to make, which is what led to us choosing to experiment with a higher price point. We're still very confident that the book is well worth the cost for the use that you'll get out of it, but we can understand how, if you look at it in terms of cents per page, it may not look appetizing. In that light, I encourage you to check out our Advanced Arcana or A Necromancer's Almanac products, as they definitely offer the lowest cost-per-page of any of our products, and have tons to offer, as well.

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