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A 5th Edition compatible adventure for 4 Level 1 PCs

Shrouded in whispered rumors, Crow’s Rest Island has been avoided as long as any can remember. Nothing but death, and the memories of those long gone, greet any who take to land upon the isle’s shores. It is to this island that the PCs will find themselves driven as a storm threatens to drive their ship below the waves. Awaiting the PCs are far more than ghost stories upon this island, for there lives a very real threat, hiding here among the legends that keep sailors at bay.

A classic ghost story that casts the PCs not as adversaries to the specters, but rather as their benefactors, Crow’s Rest Island challenges the PCs with a tribe of foul kobolds, a haunted village, and the forgotten servant of a long departed ice devil. An excellent introduction to the Adventureaweek.com campaign setting, this adventure gives the PCs their first glimpse into Vikmordere culture. A00 may also be easily ported to any setting containing a northern wilderness near a large body of water.

  • A00: Crow’s Rest Island (PDF) - Introduction to the A-Series Adventure Path!
  • Detailed maps by 3x ENnie Award winning Cartographer Todd Gamble.
  • Designed to last between 2-3 hours and lead into A1: Crypt of the Sun Lord.
  • Pre-generated characters complete with illustrations for fast play!
  • VTT files included (maps, tokens, and more!)

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Who would I contact if I had a question about this product?

Lorathorn wrote:
Who would I contact if I had a question about this product?

Sorry for the very late reply, I didn't see your post until today. In the future, if you have questions about any Adventureaweek.com or AAW Games product please contact us at support (at) adventureaweek.com or reach out via Paizo customer support.

What can we do for you? :)

-Jonathan G. Nelson
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