Pathfinder: Licktoad Goblin

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We be Licktoads! We make raid! Put the longshanks to the blade! Burn them up from feet to head, make them hurt, then make them dead!

This exclusive Pathfinder goblin figure is ready for battle! The Licktoad Goblin figure represents the Licktoad goblin tribe found in the Pathfinder Campaign Setting and comes with all the essential goblin accessories:

  • 1 alternate hand with bomb
  • 2 alternate hands with different grips
  • Dogslicer
  • Horsechopper
  • Pickle
  • Torch
  • Spear

The Licktoad Goblin figure stands at 3.25" tall and comes with a removable base.

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Lantern Lodge

Are these going to be available through local shops? Through Alliance/Diamond for example?


Community & Digital Content Director

Nope, these goblins are exclusive.

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Huh. Missed this somehow

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