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Long ago an immortal threat to the kingdom was sealed away within a magic tomb. The crypt was silent for generations, but now adventurers have gone missing... and the local cleric who guarded the tomb is gone with them. Can our heroes discover the secrets of the Hungry Tomb and prevent an undead army from marching upon the kingdom?

This adventure is designed to take four or five 2nd level PC’s to 3rd level in a deadly dungeon crawl. This adventure includes:

  • The small roadside town of Quornicope
  • A 20 room dungeon complex complete with puzzles, traps, and deadly occupants.
  • Rules for Clockwork limbs & organs, including new magic items, feats, and a favored class bonus for those augmented by ancient Lornish clockwork.

Inside a GM will find:

  • 21 pages of adventure material for running the games.
  • A digital map of the Hungry Tomb suitable for online play (36 squares by 48 squares)
  • Player handouts for investigating the disappearances and solving the Seal-Door puzzle.
  • All of the needed NPC data, no need to look up stats elsewhere!

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