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Ancient sorcerers. Slick conspirators. Control freak monks. Cyborg apes.

Armed with the secrets of Feng Shui, all aim to conquer the past, present, and future. Only you have the guts, guns, and flying feet to stop them!

It’s back in all its explodey, chi-blasting glory—Feng Shui, the classic game of Hong Kong–inspired cinematic action—refurbished with a fresh bag full of ammo for a new roleplaying generation! Original designer Robin D. Laws rushes your way on a bullet-riddled gurney to serve up the thrills fans remember, furiouser and faster than ever.

  • Choose between 36 action flick archetypes. Be an icy-cool killer, a determined martial artist, a maverick cop, a crusty old master, a clanking cyborg, a highway ronin, or a melancholy ghost.
  • Fight with free-flowing bravura! Take out mooks, foes and bosses with guns, fu, magic, creature powers or the genetic mutations of a blasted future. Deploy smarts and skill to find your next fight!
  • Bolster your abilities by capturing special sites of power, the key to the Chi War that secretly commands history’s course.
  • Journey through time portals from contemporary Hong Kong to the Tang Dynasty, from the rebellion-soaked Opium Wars era to scorched, post-apocalyptic roadways.

Loaded with Game Master advice, easier to run than ever, and including a fully fleshed, mayhem-rich introductory adventure, Feng Shui 2 is more than ready for you.

Are you ready for it?

Feng Shui 2: Kick Butt, Blow Things Up, Save the World!

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Community Manager

Ooh! Well now. :D

Ooh! indeed.

That's exciting. Feng Shui was a favorite. I missed the Kickstarter entirely. :(

I might have to wait for print on this one though.

RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 16

Hope to see some reviews soon, was looking into this system before.

Do you get points for putting your sofa in the correct location?

I WAS having a bad day and then I checked Paizo and saw Feng Shui 2 and I squeeed.

I squeed like a lil school girl.

Like a lil chimpazee school girl from an alternate future using a rocket launcher to blow up a bus full of Architects of the Flesh.

Yes. That's how much I squeed.

darth_borehd wrote:
Do you get points for putting your sofa in the correct location?

Yes in fact you can get all the points and if you control enough of those feng shui sites, the whole fabric of reality can change in your favor.

Don't believe me? Ask the Thunder King in the Netherworld.

Community Manager

The Feng Shui 2 PDF is on sale through the ENnies 2016 voting (through July 21st)!

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