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Every year the city of King's Rest hosts the first tournament of the season. This five day event is open to fresh blood, attracting hopeful young adventurers, squires, and scoundrels to compete for fame, glory, and reward. This year, however, is different, as the tournament features team events, which is sure to attract an even larger crowd to the spectacle. Can you and your companions make a name for yourselves and win Golden Gauntlet?

This adventure is designed to take four to five 1st level PC's to second level in the relative safety of a city's annual tournament.

This adventure includes:

  • 7 Tournament Games in which players compete for prizes.
  • 4 Daily Events that keep the action and story moving forward.
  • And, of course, a Joust!

Inside a GM will find:

  • 23 pages of adventure material for running the games.
  • 4 Printable grid maps used to run the encounters.
  • A set of six cards for randomizing the Tomb of Anchar event.
  • A player handout detailing the rules of the tournament.
  • All of the needed NPC data, no need to look up stats elsewhere!

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Oh, interesting. I am okay with that general premise, i'll take a look at this one.

Grand Lodge

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I remember starting a 1st-ed campaign this way with my brothers (I think). Fun!

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