Arcane Focus: The Wayfarer Magics of the Vagabond Mage (PFRPG) PDF

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The common view of wizards is that of the cloistered academic. While many wizards spend their days surrounded by ancient tomes and mystic paraphernalia, there are those who chafe at such an existence. For those wizards whose wanderlust is as strong as their thirst for knowledge, the life of the vagabond mage is very appealing. Not a defined focus so much as an underground tradition, vagabond mages are transmuters who focus on movement, preferring spells that allow them to travel quickly or to overcome the difficulties of the varied terrain they encounter.

Within this book you will find:

  • Details of the Vagabond School, a new focused arcane school option for traveling transmuters.
  • New Spells, New Magic Items, and advice on the roleplay of Vagabond Mage, including characters and adventure hooks to ease the integration of the Vagabond School into your campaign.

Written by Jason Owen Black & Douglas Schaub

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