Fantastic Feats, Volume XL: Ninja (PFRPG) PDF

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Adjective - Strange, different; imaginary

Characters in RPGs often have abilities are not tied to their class, race or skill, although they may be related/useful to it. These are called Feats.

They may be combat related, a way to tweak spells or even to do with the crafting of an item. Some will be useful to almost everyone, others only in very certain circumstances.

This edition of Fantastic Feats—a series of feats based around a certain theme or subject is about the mysterious and deadly ninja.

The feats inside:

  • Favoured Weapon Type - Gain a bonus when using a particular weapon
  • Improved Sneak - Sneaking is now more effective
  • Larger Ki Pool - Have more Ki to draw on
  • Master of Tracking - Escaping a ninja is now harder for your oppenets
  • Ninja Reflexes - Ninja reflexes can save your life
  • Stronger Poisons - Your poisions are now more potent
  • Superior Training - Your training gives you an edge over your peers

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