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Bind energy to your chakras with the secrets held in Akashic Mysteries!

In Akashic Mysteries, the veilweaving system of magic is introduced, where akashic energy is wielded by new classes like the vizier, daevic, and guru, who form this energy into veils that they bind to different chakras on the body. Inspired by Arabian and Indian myths, the mystical veils woven by these new classes imbue the veilweaver or the equipment they carry.

Each release in the series will contain different parts of the veilweaving system.

In this 30-page release is the daevic, an akashic knight who bound in a symbiotic relationship with daeva, beings of pure akasha energy. In addition, included in this release are dozens of new feats for using veilweaving, the rules for veilweaving, and all of the veils a daevic can use.

If you want to get the entire book, be sure to instead pick up the on-going product that includes all individual releases like this release, as well as the final PDF combining all the parts of veilweaving into a single book!

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4.50/5 (based on 4 ratings)

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*note: this review has been edited due to some extenuating information. Also, I received a review copy of this product.

Akashic Mysteries: Daevic is an interesting and very distinct offering into the trio of akashic classes, offering something that to me felt very distinct amidst the other two classes, while infusing enough akashic feel to make this class shine.

I am a bit curious, though, in regards to the Daevic passions and the implications of the class feature as it hashes out in play. Passions are both a filter for your class abilities and the thematic choice for your expressive fighting style. I've not played this class so I don't know what effect, if any, it would have on role playing. Perhaps none, as there is no imperative to play the class in any specific way, but I would presume that the class lends itself to characters that are more passionate than most.

I am also curious to see whether more passions might some day be available for Daevas, since that could at least make
the class seem more robust for the purposes of character concepts. But let's take the focus off of thematic and turn to the actual mechanics of the class.

Daevas are enough of a departure from Gurus and Viziers that I am glad that I came to them after reviewing the other three. It's harder to relate Daevas to the other two classes, as their mechanics really seem distinct, and perhaps understandably so, as their magic must be scaled down significantly in comparison to their less directly combat oriented akashic cousins. I like how different they are, and this could be considered "akashic light" for anyone not quite ready to dive into the new magic class. I find that this is a strength for the class, and a strength for the akashic concept overall, but it makes me then sad to see how they are less versatile as a concept than the other classes.

In respect to the passions as a class ability, they seem to really open up new choices for players to explore by way of various builds and concepts. The non-wrath passions seem less combat oriented, and it would be nice to see the more of a combat focus expressed through class options. I decidedly like the way that passions work as a feature, and can only wish to see more expressed to make the class feel more full.

Feats seem to be standard for the akashic classes, with no real overlap, and no new entries, though that isn't a bad thing. The feats seem to be more geared towards helping to multi-class, and that really appeals to my inner class tinkerer.

But the strongest point of the Daevas so far is the selection of chakras. Here is where the class comes into its own, and I almost wish that I could divorce the thematic passion choices from the class (or otherwise mitigate them) so that I could feel more free to build a kick ass Daeva that could really shine in combat. I'm pleased to see that chakras feel useful and direct for combative characters, really exhibiting the strength and versatility of the new magic system. I'm curious to see if this class received more development, as it is poised to replace Magus as my favorite combat class.

This book complements the other akashic offerings in a very interesting way, giving us a full rounded set of akashic classes. In effect, my biggest complaint is perhaps a lack of options, and some sort of "Akashic Unleashed" or perhaps updates to the class might even remove this complaint entirely. I give it 4 stars!

An Endzeitgeist.com review


The third installment of the Akashic Mysteries-series clocks in at 33 pages, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial, 1 page SRD, 1 page advertisement, leaving us with 29 pages of content, so let's take a look!

So, as you may have gleaned from my various reviews and designs, I really enjoy classes with a lot of moving parts that manage to get the math right - the first two akashic classes are prime examples of how extremely compelling characters like this can be - instead of twiddling one's thumbs while waiting for the next turn, there are A LOT of things to consider - move essence or not, burn essence or not? The vizier pretty much plays a bit like a caster, being defined mostly by interaction with veils, while the guru turned out to be a pretty much more versatile and complex support character who can stand at the front lines, while also handling unique things. Mechanically, the guru was defined more by class features and the interaction of veils with them - though both have in common that variations in class themes via e.g. philosophies result in radically different playing experiences, while also putting player agenda on an extremely high pedestal. Suffice to say, I have extremely high hopes for the final book to be one for the records - so can the Daevic maintain this level of quality?

And more importantly, what's his niche? Well, you've read the above rant - and perhaps, you sat there and thought: "That's not at all what I'm looking for in a class!" Many small choices and tactical options, handling a lot of moving parts - that's not everyone's cup of tea, and this is exactly where the daevic comes in as a simpler, but in no means bland akashic class.

Let's take a look at the frame: Daevics gain d10, 4+Int skills per level, proficiency with simple and martial weapons, all armors and shields (but not tower shields), full BAB-progression and good fort- and ref-saves. The veilweaving here is different from the previous two classes, but there are similarities - the DCs, if appropriate, is DC 10 + 2 per essence invested +cha-mod (making Char the governing attribute here), but there is a crucial difference to default veilweaving - the veils granted at 1sr, 4th, 9th and 15th level must be associated with the chosen passion, whereas the other veils gained operate like standard veils, meaning the progression is from 0+1 to 4+4 over the 20 levels of the class. Essence is gained at 2nd level and scales up to 10, chakra binds also begin at this level and scale up to 6, with progression being Feet, Hands, Wrists, Shoulders, Belt, Neck, Chest. On the minor engine-tweaks, 5th level nets +1 to saves versus enchantments, which scales up by +1 every 3 levels thereafter.

Now I noted the existence of passions - these are chosen at first level. When a daevic invests essence into a veil of a passion (called passion veils), it counts as being invested in all passion veils, meaning that the very scarce essence pool makes investing points here more efficient. However, at the same time, power escalation is prevented by an explicit rule that forbids synergy with veil-specific feats or effects. or catalysts, though you CAN also bind them as normal veils and circumvent these restrictions, adding a further dimension to these veils. Three sample passions are provided, and all modify the list of available passion veils to choose from, the class skill list and all ultimately change how the class plays, so what are they?

The first passion would be desire - which allows 3rd level daevics to use Cha for Appraise and may replace both Dex and Int as prereqs with Cha for the purpose of feat-prerequisites, offsetting some, but not all strain that would otherwise be burdened MAD-wise on a full BAB character. The in-game rationale for this, while not perfect, at least is sufficient for me - why do I mention this? Because I get pimples from the default "I'm so good-looking I hit foes"-rationale employed by some abilities out there. So kudos! Bonus-feat-wise, they focus on thrown weapons. An interesting option - at 6th level, a passion mutates into one of 2 choices - here, this would be love or avarice. Love provides an NPC-companion that is pretty powerful - but it does not stack with Leadership. Daevics that follow the passion of avarice add the returning and called abilities if within the daevic's possession for more than 24 hours - however, the abilities are lost again upon willingly giving them to another creature. On the nitpicky side, there are some minor formal glitches here. At 12th and 18th level, this ability improves regarding action economy and effects like a miniature bloodline.

The second passion to choose would be dominion, which focuses on two-hand fighting with a shield - yeah, interesting! The 6th level change allows for the choice of benevolence or tyranny, with the former providing a scaling teamwork-granting ability, while the latter provides demoralize support as swift actions with scaling bonuses. The wrath passion has some nasty tricks: Whenever the daevic bull rushes or overruns a foe, he may execute an AoO against the foe, though this powerful effect is somewhat countered by the lack of gained bonus feat. And yes, this also can provide vast amounts of damage. Wrath may transform into justice or vengeance at 6th level, with justice providing access to the vital strike feat-chain...and the option to execute AoOs with Vital Strikes added. And yes, this may not sound like too much, but oh boy can a proper set-up blow damage per round into ridiculous high levels. Still, I can live with this, though GMs should beware - large PC-races + reach weapon + this will be a MASSACRE. As for vengeance:1/round full-attack against a target when succeeding a bull rush or overrun, but only with natural weapons. This ultimately boils down to a true meat-grinder -only shreds and gooey bits remain in the path of such a daevic. At 9th and 15th level, the essence capacity of the passion increases by a further +1.

The Blood Bind ability's write-up fails to mention that it's gained at 12th level - and it's interesting: It provides essentially an additional slot, into which the daevic can bind neck, head, headband and body slot veils, but whenever he does that with a non-blood veil, he takes twice the essence invested damage each round, getting even reassignment abuses out of the way. Nice! The capstone is a boring outsider-apotheosis (native, I assume?) and can reassign veils via 1-hour meditation. Odd - the daevic gains the body-slot at 20th level - so does that mean a daevic can only bind body slot veils to the blood slot before 20th level or is body-slot veil binding only unlocked for the blood slot at 20th level? This needs some clarification.

The feats-chapter does sport some overlap with the already published books, though there is some new content to be found herein - unlocking chakras for classes as well as a significant array of feats to allow for gestalting/multiclass-builds, including support for psionics, ultimately render the whole framework superior in that regard to the predecessor-system Incarnum's take on the concept. Enhanced Capacity is a feat you WILL want as a daevic, though unlike Life Bond's interaction with the guru, I saw no balance-issues cropping up from combining the class with previously established content. (Though said feats and its associates still need a retooling.) One feat deserves special mention: Essence Focus. You can invest an essence into the feat to regain your psionic focus, with a 3-round cooldown preventing the constant spamming of the awesome combos available via this feat's modification of action economy. Even more interesting, the feat allows you to make psionic focus work to activate two abilities that require the expenditure of the focus while essence is invested in the feat. This is pretty much a genius way of providing truly distinct combos - powerful, yes, but oh so awesome. That Extra Essence pretty much is a no-brainer for Daevics with their limited essence pool should not come as a surprise. Over all, the selection here feels pretty refined.

The veils, obviously, do sport some overlap with the other akashic classes, though especially bull rush/overrun specialists will definitely enjoy the option to avoid the feat-tax and adding damage as insult to the injury. Interesting would also be that you can find veils herein that have no effect unless imbued with essence and/or bound to chakras, providing e.g. significant synergy with vital strikes, which becomes very relevant regarding the new builds available for AoO-Vital Strikes - size-increase is the name of the game here. While there are minor rules-language presentation hiccups herein ("Fortitude 1/2" instead of Fortitude halves, for example), there are also some rather versatile veils herein that not only provide different effects depending on the essence invested/chakras bound, but rather providing different options within those choices as well - and yes, we do get exclusives for the daevic's unique blood slot - like duplicating unnatural lust or gaining blood that causes both fire and acid damage to the creature attacking the daevic...and binding it to work as AoE via chakra-bind. Imagine my surprise, by the way, when I saw a classic, German slot introduced - "Wrathful Claws" are bound exclusively to the "Hans"-slot - definitely the funniest typo I've seen in a while. ;)


Editing and formatting do show that this is still WiP -while in no means bad and pretty functional, this pdf does sport numerous italicization glitches, typos and the like. The rules-language is more precise than in previous Akashic Mystery-pdfs, though. Layout adheres to Dreamscarred Press' beautiful 2-cpolumn full-color standard and the pdf does sport a mix of nice original art and some I have seen before, all in full color. The pdf comes with a more printer-friendly version as well. The pdf has no bookmarks, which constitutes a comfort-detriment.

As before, all the gushing about the base system and its mechanics that I have indulged in previous reviews of the series hold true still here. Michael Sayre does provide an actual compelling, tactical full-BAB-class with a plethora of options and things to do - and, coincidentally, the akashic class that does not require constant tinkering: Indeed, the daevic does require the least constant pondering, unlocking the system for players less intrigued about constant complex modifications - while it *does* support this playstyle as well, it can be played more like a prepare and forget type of class, which is ultimately the design-intent here. The daevic is a glorious class, though GMs heavily using DR should take not that the options of the class pretty much waltz all over the DR, making the daevic a powerful shredder if build properly. Ultimately, I adore this class and enjoy its unique slot and the options provided within; more often than not, one can see the growth of designer Michael Sayre that denotes him as one author to definitely watch!

Now I do have to somewhat bash on the pdf due to the editing glitches that can be found herein and minor wording issues that can use streamlining, but once these are cleaned up (and if Michael doesn't drop the ball in the supplemental content-pdf), Akashic Mysteries may become one of my absolute favorite new system - it has all the potential and makings of an EZG Essential. My final verdict for the daevic as presented, for now, will clock in at 4.5 stars, rounded down to 4 for the purpose of this platform...and for now. I really, really hope Dreamscarred Press makes the final book live up to the vast potential!

Endzeitgeist out.

Bow Before the Daevic


Out of all of the Akashic Mysteries classes that have been released, this is the one that I have been looking forward to the most and it does not disappoint. I have always been a fan of the martial classes, such as the Fighter, Paladin, and Swashbuckler being my favorites out of the official Pathfinder material and the Warder and Warlord from Dreamscarred Press’ “Path of War”, as I have a Sword and Sorcery mindset when it comes to classes, as I like to earn my victories rather than have multiple ‘I win’ buttons like many of the full casters have.

The Daevic Class: I love the fluff of this class as it drives home the fact that you are a passionate, driven warrior with a nascent daeva bound to you that enhances your greatest, dual-natured passion whether it is desire either in material wealth or love and lust in equal measure, to dominate the world as either a benevolent ruler or a tyrannical despot, or to be a wrathful being that that tempers their wrath with a sense of mercy in order to be a bringer of justice or throw themselves into the role of destroyer and be a force of vengeance. Since you are going to be throwing yourself into the thick of things, the class has proficiencies in all simple and martial weapons, all armors, all shields except for tower, a d10 HD, full BAB, and good fortitude and reflex saves, but not will saves.

The class may have less skills than the guru, it does have 4+Int per level for the ones it does have, and many of those skills give it enough out-of-combat utility to where they’re not standing around guarding the goods while everyone else does…well, everything (a common fate of the fighter sadly.) They also gain more skills depending on which passion they took (will cover that later). Around 5th level, the daevic gains bonuses to saves against enchantment spells and effects, which helps their poor will save as enchantments are one the most common way to trigger will saves. By the time they hit 20, they become a native outsider, no longer need to eat and drink, and gain darkvision (or improve it if they already have it), no longer needing to rest to re-shape their veils, and can spend an hour re-assigning them.

Passione, er… I mean Passions: The key feature of the Daevic is their passions. By picking their passion, they determine what abilities and passion veils they have. Now passion veils act like normal veils except that if a Daevic invests x amount of points into one of their passion veils, then all of the passion veils they have shaped receive the same amount. However, passion veils cannot be affected by veil-specific feats or effects.

Now the daevic must pick one of three passions at first level. The first is the Desire passion, making the daevic someone who pursues physical pleasures. This passion grants the daevic the Appraise, Sleight of Hand, and Stealth skills. By third level the Daevic gains the Precise Shot and the PDF exclusive Willful Throw, making the Desire Daevic the Ranged Throwing Master of the group as well as being able to supplement their Charisma in place of INT and WIS for feat requirements and the Appraise skill. At 6th level, the Desire Daevic must either choose between a relatively strong companion or having returning or called properties on any weapon that’s been in their possession for at least 24 hours. I just realized that if you give the Desire Daevic the ability to stop time then this would be the Dio Brando class.

If you wish to make your daevic sword and board, then go with the Domination Passion. You gain the Diplomacy, Handle Animal, and Knowledge (Nobility) skills as well as the Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Shield Bash, and Shield master at 3rd, 5th, and 8th levels respectively. At 6th level, the Domination Daevice must choose whether to be able to share teamwork feats with others or to be better at intimidation for those intimidation builds.

Last but not least is the Wrath Passion. Here the Daevic gains the Heal, Survival, and Knowledge (Martial) from Path of War skills. At 3rd level, the Daevic becomes better at bull-rush and overrun maneuvers and can spend an attack of opportunity to make a free attack against an opponent the first time they’ve successfully bull-rushed or overrun an opponent. At 6th level, the Wrath Daevic must choose between making a full attack with natural weapons in place of that AOO, or gain and use the Vital Strike feat tree. Before you ask, yes the Daevic has access to veils that give natural attacks.

Feats: This PDF contains many of the feats that are included in the Vizier and Guru PDFs, as well a couple of new ones that I do like such as the Powerful Throw feat that allows players to use their Strength instead of Dex when using thrown weapons as well as using Power Attack with Thrown Weapons. Overall, I like these feats as they are good without being game breaking or useless.

Veils: Now the Daevic is not as good at veilweaving as the Vizier and the Guru. However, I feel that it is a point in its favor as you can easily pick out the veils that fit your character concept and not have to worry about changing them. As befitting its fluff, the casting attribute that the Daevic uses is Charisma. Now thie passion determines which veils are passion veils but this does not prevent the Daevic from using non-passion veils. They can also bind veils to slots depending on their level for additional powers. Yet, the biggest veil feature that the Daevic has over the other two classes is its unique Blood slot, which allows the daevic to equip its own Blood veils or any non-blood veil to any slot that is not covered by leveling, though by binding non-blood veils to this slot the Daevic suffers damage depending on how much essence is invested in that veil. The one blood veil that I like is one that is listed on all of the lists for passion veils and that is the Daevic Aspect. What bonuses you get when you invest essence and bind it to the blood slot depends on your passion, such as Desire being better at range and enchantment and being able to fly, Dominion being essentially a stone wall, shrugging off many enchantment effects as well as better AC and Temp HP, and the Wrath being a better killing machine as well as a constant aura of fire damage to all adjacent creature. Looking at the veils, I can’t think of one that won’t get used.

Conclusion: This is my favorite class out of the Akashic Mysteries. Any fan of martial characters should check this class out; they will not be disappointed.

5 out of 5, would adventure with


The Daevic is the third release of the Akashic Mysteries series. The first being the Vizier whom I will be using as a point of reference many times in this review. For those just tuning in, Akashic Mysteries is a Dreamscarred press product that can be described as a reimagining and streamlining of Magic of Incarnum. However that is selling it short. It uses 3 new classes instead of porting the old ones over, and drastically increases the playability of the system. Veils in this system do not take up your magic item slots (unlike soulmelds), and in some cases enhance the magic item in the slot.

The Class: The Daevic is most definitely fulfills the martial roll that has been missing in Akashic Mysteries. However, this class has more to offer than broken bones and the shattered remains of its enemies. Daevics are highly versatile thanks to their veilweaving. They can get powerful skill buffs, charm people, and generally overcome challenges that most martials can only apply a sword to. This is not to say that it cannot be ran as a pure martial (and exceed in that role), but that it can be more than just a thug.

The Daevic is a d10 hit die class with full BAB, 4+ skill points per level, and good fortitude and reflex saves. Daevics use charisma as their veilweaving ability score. They gain proficiency with all martial weapons, and even all armors and shields except tower shields.

One of the most interesting parts of the Daevic is its fluff, and how that ties to its mechanics. Daevics are symbiotically bonded to a nascent Daeva, which is an akashic being with no body. Each Daeva has strong ties to a particular emotion, and is attracted to beings experiencing that emotion strongly and often. The soon-to-be Daevic attracts a Daeva, bonding with it and feeding it his own akashic essence. In return, the Daeva grants immense power in the form of veils. This explains the Daevic’s unique way of veilweaving; Passion.

The Daevic’s veilweaving could be considered the weakest of the 3 akashic classes, but in some ways it can be the strongest, or at least the most efficient.

Their core mechanic is their Passion, which functions as an essence receptacle and represents the feeding of the Daeva. About half of a Daevic’s veils shaped are part of their Passion, coming from a list of veils specific to each passion, and gain the full amount of essence invested in the Daevic’s passion. For example, if the Daevic had 2 veils shaped as passion veils, and invested 3 essence into their passion, both veils would count as having 3 essence invested in them. Basically, whatever power is given to your Daeva is returned multiple times over. Of course, they also gain veils unrelated to their passion. Those veils must have essence invested in them separately.

There is more to Passions than that however. First of all, you choose what your Passion is. Desire, Dominion and Wrath are your options, and represent the intense emotion that the Daevic experienced to attract their particular Daeva. Each Passion grants new class skills, a list of veils, and determines your 3rd and 6th level class abilities

The Desire Passion grants appraise, sleight of hand, and stealth as class skills. The veils associated with this passion are mostly strong mind-affecting veils, healing veils, and some utility veils. At 3rd level, it grants two bonus feats that enable the Daevic to work a thrown weapon build without suffering from many issues present in that fighting style. At 6th level, they are given the choice between getting a relatively powerful follower and enhancing their ability to fight with thrown weapons. This cannot be a full-caster, or any class similar to a full caster. If they choose to strengthen their thrown weapon expertise, then any weapon they hold onto for 24 hours gains the benefits of both the Returning and Called weapon properties, and later gain improved functionality of these properties. To spice up the thrown weapon boons, eventually creatures struck by your thrown weapons become affected by the Unnatural Lust spell with an improved DC. Oh my.

The Dominion Passion grants diplomacy, handle animal, and knowledge (nobility). The veils that Dominion focuses on increase durability, and help out with social situations. Their 3rd level ability deviates from the standard, granting a bonus feat at levels 3, 5 and 8. These bonus feats being Two-Weapon Fighting, Improved Shield Bash, and Shield Master and they ignore all prerequisites. This is a great deal, and provides strong support for an underused fighting style. At 6th level, this passion gets two choices as well. They can choose to gain bonus teamwork feats every few levels, sharing them with their allies as a move action (later a swift). If Teamwork is not their thing, a Dominion Daevic may choose to gain a large scaling bonus to intimidate checks, and can choose to intimidate a creature as a swift action.

Last but not least is the Wrath passion. Wrath grants survival, heal, and knowledge (martial) from Dreamscarred Press’s Path of War line. This passion’s veils focus on offense and combat utility. If anyone missed the Totemist from Incarnum, this passion is for you. Many of the passion’s veils provide natural weapons, or other monstrous forms of attack (can you say breath weapons?). At 3rd level the Wrath Daevic gains the ability to make an attack of opportunity the first time each round that they successfully bull rush or overrun, before moving them of course. Additionally, they get a scaling bonus to CMB when performing these maneuvers, and a scaling bonus to CMD to resist them. Once they reach 6th level, they get 2 choices. One allows them to make a full attack with only natural weapons in place of the attack of opportunity their 3rd level ability granted. Their other choice grants them the entire Vital Strike feat chain and allows them to Vital Strike in place of the attack of opportunity their 3rd level ability grants.

The Daevic is more than just passions however. They also get scaling bonuses against enchantment effects, as all Daeva’s want to hold on to their Daevics. They also unlock chakra binds, getting a special “blood” slot with powerful veils reserved for it. Additionally, they gain the ability to put extra essence into their passion slot as they level up, getting past the normal limit of 4 essence per essence receptacle. As a capstone, they perfectly merge with their Daeva, becoming a native outsider, and pick up a few veilweaving buffs.

Feats: There are many strong options for multiclassing and gestalt in the feats presented here. I personally wanted to see a few feats tailored to the Daevic, but the "standard" Akashic feats are still very powerful. In particular, Extra Essence is very strong and increases your versatility. This is rare for an “extra class feature” feat. There are feats to grant minor veilweaving to any interested class, feats to improve veilweaving for anyone, and feats that count as essence receptacles, granting bonuses as essence is invested into them. For instance, such as Will of the Daeva, which grants a bonus to will saves equal to the essence invested in this feat.

Two particularly interesting feats included are huge boons to thrown weapon builds. The first of which is Powerful Throw, which allows the thrower to use their strength modifier in place of their dexterity modifier for thrown attack rolls, and allows the thrower to use Power Attack on thrown damage rolls in place of Deadly Aim. The second is Willful Throw, which is an essence receptacle and one of the feats granted by the Desire Passion’s 3rd level ability. It allows the thrown weapon attacks to use charisma in place of dexterity for attack rolls, and for every essence point placed into the feat, thrown weapon damage is increased by 1, and the target of your attack’s cover bonus is reduced by 1. The feat also grants 1 additional essence. Pretty nifty!

Veilweaving: Just like the Daevic’s Vizier and Guru predecessors, the Daevic can veil weave. This is where a lot of the Daevic’s customization comes from, as half their list of veils is decided for them by their Passion. In general, veils are balanced options. They can vary in power, but this is reined in by chakra binding. You only unlock certain chakra binds at certain levels, so you will not have access to your very strongest effects at 1st level. Daevics has many veils that only they can access, that are often combat oriented.

For instance, Armory of the Conqueror increases the damage dice of a held weapon by 1 size category for the first essence invested into it, then another size category for every 2 more essence invested. Suddenly, the Vital Strike option for Wrath Daevics got a lot more appealing. Of course, there are many veils that grant natural weapons, including rake attacks for a grappler.

There are also excellent utility options such as the Crusader’s Shield veil, which allows you to create a wall of akashic power that blocks attacks, movement, breath weapons, and any targeted spells or effects that would pass through it. This does not block vision based effects, as you can see through this wall. Later on, when you can bind this veil, it gains the ability to be used as an immediate action a number of times per day equal to the character’s veilweaving modifier (Charisma for Daevics). Dominion Daevics may enjoy this veil as one of their passion veils.

Lover’s Tread is a particularly interesting veil, as it is both a veil designed to empower tripping an to mentally manipulate your foes (or possible friends. You’ll see.). You see, it gives the Daevic a scaling bonus to trip attempts, and allows the Daevic to make a bluff check against the target creature’s CMD to avoid the attack of opportunity incoming in case the Daevic has not gained Improved Trip yet. When this veil is binded, Charm Person (Charm Monster if you have 3 essence invested) is also cast upon the tripped foe. If you succeeded on the bluff check, they take a -2 to the save against it. In essence, you make a creature fall for you. As one might guess, Desire Daevics can take this veil as a passion veil.

Conclusion: If you are looking for a balanced, interesting release you should look no further. Fans of Incarnum, along with people who desire a customizable, mystic themed martial, should definitely check this release out. I give the Daevic a 5 out of 5. Also, the art included in this book is top notch, as an added touch.

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I'd definitely like to see what kind of Gurus you come up with, but isn't the sample still a bit small, with only 3 classes and 3 races? You should have at least the pharaoh in there also...
There is also the variant versions of the races, a daeva-style planetouched race iirc, and maybe a serpentine shapechanging race.

I do not remember this in the race section...and I am VERY interested to know if this is actually a thing.

Like..Really bad.

It's not available currently because of a couple issues, but I'm hoping to get the opportunity to re-introduce it in a future product.

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