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Pathfinder Chronicler Anthology Volume IV presents twenty stories from talented members of the Paizo fan community, promising readers creeping chills and exciting thrills through its chapters, Tales of Horror and Secrets of Golarion Revealed. This volume includes a foreword by Paizo freelancer and 2009 RPG Superstar™ winner Neil Spicer as well as 2012 and 2013 Fiction Contest winning stories by W. David Wood and Maggie Hoyt.

Authors: B.R. Bearden, Elaine Betts, Kalyna Conrad, Andrew Crossett, Brian J. Fruzen, Robert Gresham, Maggie Hoyt, Dana Huber, E.W. Pierce, Matthew Roth, David Scott, M.C. Shelby, Laura Sheppard, Michael Stevens, Todd Stewart, Ted Thompson, James Tyner, Tanith Tyrr, and W. David Wood

Editors: Sean Crandall & Laura Sheppard
Cover Artist: Carolina Eade

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