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Splintered Godhood by Clinton J. Boomer is a one-night, improvisational cooperative horror role-playing game for 4 to 5 mature players and one storyteller.

Together, you will craft a dark, strange tale of adventure, betrayal & intrigue pulled from realms yet unborn. Desire, Power and Twists guide you into an exploration of strangeness—both internal and external—along with the discovery of high weirdness and mad truths, horror of the unknown, and transformation into something beyond merely human. You shall become the mythos, taking on the roles of elder entities as they quarrel, boiling up as nightmares across multiple worlds and reshaping the cosmos with each lurching step.

The tale is simple: immersive play of cruel, impossibly powerful and self-absorbed—but not consciously, intentionally evil—characters.

Where will your Power take you, and how far—how deep—will you soar to achieve your Desire?

Your own Splintered Godhood awaits.

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