The Expanded Liber Vampyr (PFRPG) Limited Edition Hardcover

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For years, the legend of the vampire has captivated the minds of mortals, and these dark stalkers of the night have become permanent fixtures of fantasy media and roleplaying games alike. But while vampires in novels, movies, and television each provide their own unique twist or spin on the vampire myth, for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, there was only one kind of vampire, and it wasn’t made for player characters.

At least, that was the case until Necromancers of the Northwest changed all that with Liber Vampyr, a book devoted to making vampiric player characters not only possible, but fully supported. Liber Vampyr’s approach to vampirism allows players to pick and choose not just their vampiric powers and abilities, but even their weaknesses, encouraging players to build their own monster to match their vision of vampirism.

This special, limited-edition book includes not only the most recently updated version of Liber Vampyr, complete with several new pieces of art, it also includes Scions of the Vampire, a sequel that picks up where Liber Vampyr left off, providing 50 new feats and three new prestige classes, plus plenty more. As though that weren’t enough, the book also includes an appendix containing three additional base classes for vampire characters, two of which were created specifically for this limited-edition version of the book, which was printed specially for Paizocon 2015, with each copy signed by the authors.

When it comes to life after death, don’t settle for second best. Liber Vampyr provides the deluxe vampire experience for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

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Hello, how many pages is the expanded hardcover edition? Thanks.

Is the book player-focused only? Or does it contain GM-centric material such as new monsters?

I'm not an author, nor do I have a copy of the book, but my nevertheless educated guess is no, it does not.

I say educated guess because I have the two books that comprise the majority of it, and they are both completely player oriented.

And since the only new material it mentions are three additional base classes, it doesn't look like this book will diverge in that regard.

Heine Stick wrote:
Is the book player-focused only? Or does it contain GM-centric material such as new monsters?

Sorry to necropost, but no, the additional content in the Expanded Liber Vampyr doesn't include any monsters, though it does include some new gameplay rules, such as the preservation and condensing of blood to be drank later by vampires. The base Liber Vampyr, however, did come with a handful of monster stat blocks, but they were more so examples of what the new classes and template the book offers can be used to create.

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