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A Nigh-Invulnerable Pathway! 

How can you say "No" to a FREE collection of Pathfinder templates, new ironborn titan construction builds and flaws, swamp spells, variant orcs, and episode #13 of the Path Less Traveled Comic by Jacob Blackmon.  If you say no we will release a nigh-invulnerable behir so you can attempt to remove the arcane mark that makes it indestructible from the inside of its stomach! 

Rite Publishing brings you Pathways, a free 'zine packed with plenty of Open Gaming Content for you to take to the table. You'll find articles by Steven D. Russell (The Secrets of the Iron Titan) and Dave Paul (101 Swamp Spells). You will also find reviews of the best 3PP material available, plus an interview with Alexander Augunas  of Everyman Gaming.

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