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Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum, I Smell the Blood…of Giants!

Giants are fearsome and iconic fantasy foes, but very rarely do player characters get a chance to enjoy the bulk, power, and pure destructive capabilities that being a giant has to offer. While there is room for debate about some types of giants, such as hill giants and ogres, other species, like fire and storm giants, are clearly magical in nature. Yet no sorcerer bloodline exists for players who want to have characters descended from giants…until now!

This book introduces four giant-themed bloodlines for sorcerers. Featured are the fire giant, the frost giant, the stone giant, and the storm giant. In addition to providing elemental powers associated with the type of giant in question—such as the ability to create massive earthquakes or avalanches, or to control storms and seas, or create great clouds of ash and smoke—these bloodlines also grant players giant power, granting them some of the strength and size of giants.

Whether you want to play a giant-blooded character with an exciting new bloodline, just want to expand your sorcerer’s bloodline options, or are a GM looking for just the right thing to spice up a giant shaman or mage’s stat-block, this book is for you.

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