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Neither the word of law nor the fabric of destiny can be ignored!

In the chaos that has gripped the Known Lands since the Darkfall brought ruin, there are but a handful of those who stand against the madness and ensure that order reigns. The arbiters, scions of justice and law, stand ready to defend those who cannot defend themselves. The seers, once a powerful order but virtually eradicated on the eve of the Darkfall, seek only to find the truth of what has happened and, in doing so, bring hope back to the world. Neither task will be simple, but these are not ordinary men and women… these are heroes.

Law & Destiny is the third in a series of sourcebooks that more closely examines the base classes of the Thunderscape: the World of Aden campaign setting! In this installment, you will not only find extensive mechanical support for the Arbiter and Seer classes, but a wealth of new options that any class can make use of, including archetypes, spells, feats, equipment, and more!

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5.00/5 (based on 2 ratings)

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Spoiler alert; my opinion of the Thunderscape class books are pretty much the same so I'll copy and paste part of the review for each entry.

I love me some classes from the hardcover Thunderscape: World of Aden. Sure the vehicles, races and lore is fun enough but the classes cover new grounds or feature new mechanics that are fun and innovative without being confusing or hard to use. I was skeptical about the $12 price tag but honestly the class books give you a lot of bang for that buck. I was not aware of how small these classes were until these books and not only do you get some sweet sweet mechanics for the Thunderscape classes but you get some more lore, NPC stats to put into your games and even some new options for your Pathfinder classes in almost 50 pages worth of content.

This Book covers Seers and Arbiters. Both are solid classes but are kind of set in their ways. As a result compared to the other Thunderscape class support books they come off as lacking a plethora of options. Not to say that they don't have a lot of new options but by comparison they don't reveal whole new worlds of how to play like the Thaumaturge does. But they still come with a ton of fluff and options and tips to help you weave a better story with these classes including feats, traits and a Ultimate Campaign origin chart. So despite being the smallest book so far I won't knock it down a peg because it still delivers a ton for the more martial leaning nature of the classes. Their new mechanics are just too simple to make the book look like you're getting a ton even if in reality you're actually getting quite a lot.

Now granted you need to both have and like Thunderscape: World of Aden for this to be really valuable but even if you just like these two classes this is a lot of bang for the buck, not just giving you a ton of new options but tools on how to play these classes thematically, NPC stats to populate your world even if you aren't using Aden as a setting. With so much flavor and good mechanics filling these pages I have to recommend it for anyone that has the Thunderscape hardcover to get the most delight out of your experience. If you have the hardcover there is no reason to not get this book and every other book in the line of class option books. In fact it is one of the best class support books I've ever seen compelling me to give it five stars.

Another great class expansion book


"Law and Destiny" is a class sourcebook for the Thunderscape campaign setting. It provides a chunk of new options for characters of the arbiter and seer classes, and more. Scarman provides a helpful summary of what's included on the discussion page, but here’s a bit more info:

Arbiter Maneuvers:
Applied Intellect
Armored Fall
Diplomatic Training
Dramatic Recovery
Extended Charge
Frustrating Strikes
Justice’s Bastion
Lawful Vessel
Master Shieldwarden
One Against Many
Piercing Riposte
Sage Immunity
Shield Assault
Snare the Rabbit
Supreme Tactics
Swift Interrogation

Seer Minor Prophecies:
Aura Adept
Aura of Second Sight (new aura)
Aura of Survival (new aura)
Blessed Vision
Blessed Mentor
Divert Destiny
Karmic Link
Spell Adept
Timely Warning
Time’s Arrow

Seer Major Prophecies:
Aura of Renewal (new aura)
Consume Fate
Focused Sight
Projected Destiny
Sacred Vision
Sagacious Spellcaster
Twist Destiny

Seer Master Prophecies:
Aura of Destiny (new aura)
Moment of Mastery
Miraculous Vision

It is 37 pages long, and as well as all the crunch provided above, it includes background to the two classes and how they fit into the setting of Aden. Also provided are roleplaying tips for each class, and a table offering suggestions for how the character became a member of their class. In addition, there are two sample NPCs for each class, detailed at level 1, 6 and 12. There is also a two-page spread which is spoilered, detailing the secret history of the Order of Seers; good stuff.

The options presented in this book are fun and interesting. For example, piercing riposte allows an arbiter to ignore damage resistance of up to double his Intelligence modifier while making attacks of opportunity, while sage immunity allows an arbiter to add his Intelligence modifier to all saving throws versus magic. For seers, there are consume fate where the seer regains a use of second sight when an enemy is reduced to zero hit points while within the seer’s aura, and doombringer which increases the save DCs of auras that affect enemies by +2. All the new options increase the utility and fun of the two classes.

As with Saints & Sinners, the stat blocks follow an unusual format in that the racial abilities, class abilities and favoured class bonuses are included in their own entries. They should really have been included in the special attack line, special quality line (and so on), as appropriate.

The fluff in this book in excellent, even if you aren’t using the Aden setting itself, the information can help GMs and players better fit the two classes into their games. The new options are good as well. This book is well worth getting if you are a fan of the Thunderscape campaign setting, or just the class options.

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Now available!

Woo, thanks Liz!

As per usual, I will give a breakdown of new mechanical options available in the book, because I know that there are people who want to make sure they get the bang for the buck that they desire. Here you go:

19 Strategic Maneuvers
11 Minor Prophecies
3 Major Prophecies
10 Spells
5 Pieces of Equipment
6 Pieces of Armor
2 Weapons
1 Special Material
1 Magic Weapon Property
4 Magic Items
1 Cursed Magic Item
7 Feats
8 Traits
3 Archetypes
- Adjudicator (Arbiter)
- Fatesealer (Seer)
- Mentor (Seer)

For me, though, the real winner is the Secrets of the Seers section that Rich included toward the end of their section. What delicious goodies it contains!

Woo hoo!

scarman wrote:
3 Major Prophecies

Errata issued in record time! But only to my post. ;)

There are 8 major prophecies, not 3.
There are 3 master prophecies, not 0.

It's never a good idea to make a post when your kiddo is clamoring for you to come play Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Nothing good comes of it!

So the last ones up are Entomancers, Mechamages and Steamwrights. Will they be in the next one together or will it be two in one book and the third along with equipment in the other?

I've been loving these additions to the already wonderful Thunderscape classes.

Malwing, next us is the Goreaux's Guide to Golems, which is for the Mechamage and Steamwright classes.

Then we have something... special... planned for the last installment with the Entomancer. Muhuhahahahaha!

Nice. LOVE these products so far! Playing a Thaumaturge atm, and they are deceptively powerful. Not in an OP way, but in "I got what you need, right now" kind of way. Need a heal? Channel the Magister. Don;t have any weapons handy? Channel the Master.
It's amazing.

Thanks for the awesome products!

So what's the future for this line? Are all five pieces going to be compiled into a Hardcover?

Actually the better question is 'What's the future of your crunch products?'. Because honestly although I like the setting and it's flavor the selling point of Thunderscape for me was the crunch; The classes, the NPC stats, the monster stats, and I love that the follow-up pdfs neatly divided into specific arenas of crunch and fluff. So overall I'm in whenever these classes get stuff and whenever new equipment pops up.

Malwing, it's hard to say. Making things available in compiled hardcover means paying a second layout cost and then using that as a POD file, which honestly is going to be so expensive to the customer that we can ill afford any significant mark-up to make a profit on it. I'm not saying that we won't do it, I'm just saying that when the time comes we'll have to look at our options very carefully.

In terms of more mechanically-oriented sourcebooks, we have some plans. Once we finish the class sourcebooks, we're interested in a series of smaller but similar books that create hybrid classes of our existing classes, much in the same way that the Advanced Class Guide afford players new options by recombining the same sort of toys in new mixtures. And we still have plans for the Wildlife Journal series. Right now we're considering an installment that features exclusively mounts, familiars, animal companions and the like, all based firmly in the world of Aden.

I have some ideas for things beyond that as well, but it's probably too soon to talk about those. ;)

Dot, love the Seer. It needed more love.

Now available in POD form over at DTR if you are a bibliophile like myself. :) Although for PDF, of course, you should just pop on over the shop here at Paizo. They can meet all your digital needs right here!

I generally prefer print but Now that I have 3/5s of the PDFs I will probably just print them out myself if players need to hold the rules to look at them.

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Not to derail this at all, but it would have been great to be "Thunderscape: Law & Order" ... *whistles innocently*

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