Pathfinder Society Scenario #6–19: Test of Tar Kuata (PFRPG) PDF

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A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 3–7.

The Iroran monastery of Tar Kuata nestled in Osirion’s Barrier Wall Mountains is famous both for its extensive history and its curious order of dwarven monks known as the Ouat. When the Society uncovers a dusty field report that identifies Tar Kuata as the home of a strange, otherworldly relic, Pathfinders set off to recover it. However the Ouat are strict judges of perfection, and the PCs must prove their worth if they are to win the monks’ trust and treasure.

Content in “Test of Tar Kuata” contributes directly to the Year of the Sky Key metaplot as well as the ongoing storyline of the Scarab Sages faction.

Written by Pedro Coelho.

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Average product rating:

3.70/5 (based on 10 ratings)

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Frustrating first half


Played through this tonight, as a non-physical character, I was incapable of most of the challenges the monks use to judge perfection. I tried to social my way out of participating but I managed to not insult them and that was about it. By failing the challenges I was denied access to an item to let me participate more fully in the final challenge, and spent that combat slinging save or suck will save spells at a monk. Which was my specialty, but still statistically not in my favour.

Time stress didn't give us a fair shot and experiencing the second act, but the fights were fun and my abilities had a chance to shine.

I will grant that the role playing opportunities in the first half were enjoyable.

One of my favorites to date


Just finished running this as a PBP with a steady group of awesome role-players. We have a group of seven and four of us GM on and off so at any given time we are running 2-3 adventures simultaneously with the same seven players, and multiple characters.

When playing an adventure there are three major aspects:

Story, RP, & Combat:

The story was liner, no doubt about that. Yet there was plenty of information to make the setting vibrant, should a GM choose to do so. The Mod was littered with interesting NPCs that help to move the plot along so players should not feel railroaded. Also, the plot points made sense.

There are plenty of ways in which a GM could have introduced RP into the scenario, and by controlling a wide gambit of NPCs, they really have a chance to infuse the plot points in an interesting way. Of all the aspects of the mod this one is really a 'YMMV'.

As for the combat, some people did not enjoy the mechanics of the first part, yet there are ample opportunities for PCs to be successful, and for a GM to role play failures well. The second part is littered with interesting NPCs and other mechanics that lend itself to a rich setting, and the over all dynamic environment that only made the combats more enjoyable for my party. As for the NPC combatants - this is where the mod really shines. I have never seen such well thought out NPC BBEGs. Really cool abilities that challenged the party, synergistic tactics, and add the environmental factors, well that made the combats fun to run.

Would like to see more from this author.

Definitely Worth Playing


This scenario follows a basic tried-and-true format of starting with a long series of roleplaying encounters in the first half, then adding a small dungeon crawl in the second. The tests in the first part have a lot of nice monkish flavor, and players should definitely prioritize using a monk or Iroran here.

This scenario has some interesting foes that I have not seen before in PFS and provides strong combat design. The author is active in the PFS GM thread for the scenario, something I always appreciate.

I look forward to seeing more warpriest BBEGs in the future. It gives him a good spell list and fervor makes his action economy great. It's nice to have a BBEG that actually has the action economy to heal himself.

There are a few nice things on the chronicle that make it feel rewarding, including one item that I wish wasn't so prohibitively expensive.

This one is not five stars for being a little on the easier side overall and for not really having a "Wow!" factor to push it over the edge.

Save of Suck


Played this at high tier with a party full of fighters. Spent a lot of time just trying to get around the other fighters to hit something, so this may go better for other groups. Could be another star for more balanced groups.

The first part is sort of a save or suck on skill checks. Some of the fights seemed that I could only do something if I rolled a 20.

Besides that, from a GM point of view, I liked that they did something so the BBG at the end couldn't just be gang rushed. But it got a bit drawn out, especially with a talkative group of players, so we skipped the end dialog to know what we achieved.

Frustrating but fun


Played this at high tier. Party composition was witch, hunter, wizard, oracle and bloodrager.

The story is simple but rather predictable. The first half was interesting but horribly irritating. I think most of us around the table felt a little cheated by how it plays out. It feels like it was designed with a party of pure monks in mind. It gets better afterwards but was a little too easy at the higher tier.

I would have liked to have given it a higher rating but the irritation I felt in the first half did spoil my enjoyment somewhat. It is not a bad scenario though.

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Shadow Lodge

This scenario is the single one that I am most excited about!

Looking forward to running this. What maps are used?

Community & Digital Content Director

Now available!

Paizo Employee Developer

Duncan7291 wrote:
Looking forward to running this. What maps are used?

Map List:
Flip-Mat: Flooded Dungeon and several small, custom maps
Scarab Sages

Hmmm. In Trial #6...


Aramaya's strategy states that she "push[es] the PCs back -- ideally off the platform -- with the Pushing Assault feat", but the feat itself states:

"the target must end this move in a safe space it can stand in."

When I run this in a few days, I intend to run it without this aspect of the tactics, because my preference is to not break very clear RAW rules in favor of fixing a suboptimal tactic. However, I think this will make the encounter a little easier than it should be. Perhaps it'd be helpful to make explicit that this is an exception to Pushing Assault (though that's not my preference).

If the edge of the platform were standable but somehow slippery (perhaps it slopes downwards, requiring an acrobatics check when leaving but otherwise making it "safe" to "stand in"), that might be close enough to "safe" while still giving a similar outcome of Aramaya pushing people off.

Alternatively, perhaps rework that mechanic around Ki Throw, though that would require Aramaya to be standing at the edge herself, which might just get her bull rushed off instead.

pdbogen wrote:

Hmmm. In Trial #6...

** spoiler omitted **

Here's the author's take on the issue. The general reasoning is in the first quote of the linked thread.

Scarab Sages

Sniggevert wrote:
pdbogen wrote:

Hmmm. In Trial #6...

** spoiler omitted **
Here's the author's take on the issue. The general reasoning is in the first quote of the linked thread.

It's nice that he addressed that, but...


No, I disagree; this isn't even a grey area. "Off the side of a platform 200ft up" is not a "safe place to stand" even if they won't take damage when they fall.

(I also don't know how that ability is supposed to work anyway. Why can I suddenly not push someone off something when I could if there was a platform there. I get it's a balacent hing, but- ugh, nonsensical rules.)

Scarab Sages

With regard to the Scarab Sages side mission.

The only Scarab Sage in my party recommended Dhiara as a new sage, rather than one of the options you can pick in reporting. Since it was recommended we post other options on the forums, I'm doing so on his behalf.

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