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History is a lie. Many men have said that history is written by those who achieve victory. The truth is that history is written by those who want to hide the truth from the fragile minds of humanity. Why, you may ask? If mankind knew the truth about the world around them, it would truly drive them insane. —Grand Inquisitor Steel

Supernatural and otherworldly beings have surrounded us for millennia. From Ancient times until the present day, hunters and warriors have been fighting the evil creatures and occult supporters that seek to bring mankind to its knees. Will mankind ever win the fight? The forces of the Inquisition will stop at nothing to make that a reality, but they're not the only hunters whose stories adorn this supernatural history. Hunters and great humans of many kinds have ensured the safety of their brethren, and their stories often end up as legends that withstand the test of time.

These are but a handful of their stories.

Anthology, Volume I is a collection of six novelettes and novellas set in the backdrop of Shadowed Earth during the multiple eras. From ancient times until the present day, the multi-era history of Shadowed Earth comes to life within these pages.

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