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We Love Villains.

Certain keywords like "murderous" carries with it ill intent. You will find herein, inspiring and unique ways to describe the wicked, foul or villainous characters in your story with the simple use of key venomous words. Each keyword comes with two brief examples. The first, an example introduction of a character using the keyword and the second example illustrates an assault using the same keyword. Use both examples to set the tone of your villain or antagonist.

For Example: Keyword: Venomous

  • Example #1: "Every word from this mouth is twisted with venom and spite, designed to cow and belittle."
  • Example #2: "Your opponent lashes out with the venomous wrath of a vengeful serpent."
It can be difficult to find just the right word to describe a tone of ill intent and not just outright evil.These cards can help you do just that in your scene writing or storytelling.

This storytelling tool:

  • Encourages writers to show, not just tell evil.
  • Offers writing tips to add depth and drama to any of your story's characters.
  • Is for Tabletop Gamers and Gamemasters who wish to better express their character's emotions and these cards can also be use right next to character sheets.
  • Can tip your essay, blog, novel or gaming table from good to great!
  • Allows you to flip through the cards at random to inspire new plot twists and character interest.
  • Is written by genre.
  • By design, is system neutral and super flexible.
  • Is both a reference and a brainstorming tool.
  • Offers fresh ways to describe emotions.
  • Includes a collage of beautiful card art from Rafael Dorsz.

All Conflict Games PDFs have the following document features:

  • Indexed: PDF contains a full Index for the entire suite of cards
  • Searchable: PDF is not just images of the cards, but contains fully searchable text.
  • Selectable: Each Action Word and Description can be selected, highlighted or copied out of the PDF.
  • Layered PDF: There are some decorative items (like the color bars) within the presentation of the cards which you can choose not to print by unselecting the Adobe layer.
  • Cutlines: The PDF is designed for you to cut out the cards from your printed 8 1/2 x 11 sheet. Therefore we provide cutlines to help you line up your scissors or cutting board.
Try these cards out, we think you’re going to love them!

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Q: "if I were to get the "...Cards - excerpt", does it contain everything that is included in the full "Storyteller's Deck"?

A: The Excerpts are 12 cards out of the 80 card deck. The excerpts are from the story teller's deck and only contains the cards related to the title. For example, the pain cards have 12 cards full of pain descriptions plus the cover art, Art variations and product ads and nothing else from the storyteller's deck is included. The full product is The Storyteller's Deck with 80 cards and can be found here: t-and-Play-Edition

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