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Improve Your Combat Narrative at a Glance!

This beautiful 4-panel screen features magnificent art by Rafael Dorsz on the outer panels. On the inside you will find hundreds of inspirational examples of ways you can describe characters in intense fantasy combat. Strategically organized by the type of damage the character wishes to inflict and the fighting style the character is performing.

The types of damage include:

  • BLUNT—Damage caused by non-penetrating force;
  • SLASHING—Damage caused by a sharp edge; and
  • PIERCING—Damage caused by a sharp point.
The combat styles include:
  • FINESSE—A character who fights with style and grace, such as the Swashbuckler or Martial Artist;
  • POWER—A character whose fight is based on strength and vigor, such as the Barbarian or Thug; and
  • RANGE—A character who is using a thrown or distance weapon such as a javelin or bow.
Simple inspiration at a glance!

Please note: This is the print and play edition of the WRITER'S & GM SCREEN.
This product comes in 8 1/2 x 11 paper (A4) and 11 x 17 paper sizes.

All Conflict Games PDFs have the following document features:

  • Indexed: PDF contains a full Index for the entire suite of cards
  • Searchable: PDF is not just images of the cards, but contains fully searchable text.
  • Selectable: Each Action Word and Description can be selected, highlighted or copied out of the PDF.
  • Layered PDF: There are some decorative items (like the color bars) within the presentation of the cards which you can choose not to print by unselecting the Adobe layer.
  • Cutlines: The PDF is designed for you to cut out the cards from your printed 8 1/2 x 11 sheet. Therefore we provide cutlines to help you line up your scissors or cutting board.
Try these cards out, we think you’re going to love them!

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Chris Z says:
Will these be available for purchase as a deck of cards and not the pdf? I missed the kickstarter and thought these were unique and a great purchase, but I would strongly prefer the deck of cards rather than a pdf.

- Yes, You may purchase the cards on Amazon or buy direct from us at

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