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An adventure for first level characters, Royal Decree is a 2-4 hour adventure that can be used as a one-off or as a launch point for a full campaign.

Set in the world of Everglow, Ponyfinder's official campaign setting, the party are just about to graduate as royally sanctioned free swords when trouble strikes.

Featuring multiple endings depending on how well the party does and more Everglow lore to nibble on, Royal Decree is waiting to make your evening a memorable one.

This adventure was produced under the support and direction of the Ponyfinder patreon (

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5.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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Another solid Ponyfinder product


I am used to getting more than I bargained for with Silver Games' products and this was no exception. Particularly impressive was the full color map by Sita Duncan.

This is an excellent introductory adventure, be it for players new to Ponyfinder or Pathfinder rules in general. The encounters are balanced well, and ample description is given as to how to grow or shrink them based on party size, quite helpful!

Best of all, the adventure (trying to be spoiler free) is in part a test of ethics in spots, and the story can cleverly branch in ways based on player actions. Very little extra work for the GM for a lot of extra enjoyment. There is even a scoring system like the old-school tournament modules of my youth so players can see what they did right or wrong, or missed.

This product is a great combination of a good scenario, a fun test of ethics under pressure, and a final evaluation that comes off as interesting and not a punishment. It's a hoot to see how people will react!

The combats are interesting without being the entire focus of the work - that's not an easy task to pull off either.

And while there is plenty of Ponyfinder Lore built into it, this could also be easily converted to a Golarion scenario, with the wonderful plot, tests, and scoring system in place. This is a great product!

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